Friday, August 01, 2008

Troy King Roundup August 1

Anniston Star
Something's just not right: King's hiring practices

Decatur Daily
King Plays Fast and Loose with Taxpayer Money

Gadsden Times (July 31)
Salaries out of line in King's office

And just for fun go back and listen to Troy King on Dale Jackson's show yesterday.

I have some follow-up questions for Troy on his comments yesterday. I know he won't answer me directly....he doesn't have that much courage....but for my friends in the media who are reading this blog, should you get the chance, please ask Troy King the following questions.

1. You stated that your 'team of advisors and chiefs of staff' make recommendations to you. Who, exactly made the recommendation that you hire JW Godwin into a position he is unqualified for and at a pay grade that is way above his experience level? Ditto Chris Bence and his promotion into a position he has had no training for.

2. Exactly what were those recommendation's based on?

3. What exactly, in very specific, terms does JW Godwin do that makes him so indispensable? Saying he is worth the money doesn't answer the many questions raised by his meteroic rise to the near top of the food chain in the AG's office.

The public has a right to know. It is our tax money after all that pays all of the outrageous salaries in the AG's office.

I still contend that Troy King isn't denying these rumors because they are true and someone out there somewhere has the goods and is just waiting for Troy to deny it so they can publicly humiliate him ....even more so than what he is experiencing now.

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