Saturday, September 13, 2008

By Gum...Now Here's A Weird One For You

Me and Alabama State Senator Hank Erwin (R)- Montevallo. Hank Erwin is my nemisis in Alabama politics.


The Ripley Porch said...

From a Bama-ite who lives from afar...three bits of advice in the 2010 election...if you were going to run.

First, make a huge effort to get your name around campus locations (Auburn, UAH, etc). Build up a message that these Bama students find agreeable and reasonable. Get them focused onto distributing your name and platform to their local university and town. The more they mention you to relatives...the more chances that they will at least read up on you. A student base makes a big difference in spreading the word.

Second. Pick out a dozen platforms that change Alabama, and improve it. Then stick to those statements and repeat them often. The Republican and Democratic choices will stick to "taxes" and "constitutional reform"...and toss in their favorites of church membership and VFW members. Bringing jobs to Bama would go hand-in-hand with various reforms that you continually mention.

Third. Get a platform that includes GIs, National Guardsmen, and retired GIs. Introduce yourself via VFW connections. These guys meet and often discuss politics. Talk common sense and talk supportive of them and their contributions.

What you want is a platform that steals from the Republicans and the Democrats. If you could steal 200,000 votes from each then start to be a close contender. Your name gets out and even if you might be a name brought up for the next US congressional or senator race.

Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

Hey girl...glad to see you finally got the picture up :) Sorry it took me 2 years to get it to you LOL....At least it turned out very well. Who's that guy in the background on the right? Is he one of the legislators?