Wednesday, September 17, 2008


This week two activist groups that I work with started registering people in jail and prison for drug charges to vote. This is LEGAL UNDER STATE LAW,. Please go read this post.

Even though Attorney General Troy King issued an opinion that people convicted of crimes not involving moral turpitude CAN VOTE FROM PRISON he has taken to the airwaves today squealing like a pig about that actually happening. THE ONLY PEOPLE WE ARE REGISTERING TO VOTE ARE PEOPLE IN JAIL/PRISON ON DRUG POSSESSION CHARGES. Not child molesters. Not rapists. Not murderers. The people we are registering to vote SHOULD NOT BE IN PRISON TO BEGIN WITH!

Now that this has made the news the prison commissioner Richard Allen, who supports us 100%, and is a very good and decent human being who believes in helping prisoners restore their lives is being bombarded with phone calls from angry white republicans condemning this historic effort to ensure people who have the right to vote are able to exercise it. The governor's office is also being flooded with calls from the same people.

I NEED YOU ON THE HORN NOW! Please call the following numbers and THANK the prison commissioner and the governor for supporting us and for UPHOLDING THE LAW. Tell them that you support this effort and that drug offenders should not be in prison anyway.

DOC - 334-353-3883
GOV - (334) 242-7100

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Tanya Derbowka said...

Have I told you lately that I love you? Keep on doing what you do!