Thursday, September 18, 2008

Makes you wonder??

Troy King Continues to Support the Death Penalty for Child Rapists

While I agree that child rapists are the vilest of vile creatures, I also agree with the Supreme Court's decision not to impose the death penalty on them if no one died. I think the death penalty should only be imposed when a life has been taken and only in certain cases then. I think all death row inmates should have access to DNA testing in cases where they might be exonerated. I've been inside many Alabama prisons and my opinion is that life in prison without parole is a much harsher sentence than the death penalty. If they would lock these sick fucks up for LIFE then we wouldn't have to worry about them. The sentences for molesting a child in Alabama are abhorrent. Pot smokers routinely get more time than child molesters.

Troy King's desire to preach against child molesters and holler for the death penalty reminds me of how he preached against gay people in college only to be suspected of being gay himself. Makes one wonder.....

Speaking of that gay thing....I spoke with a reporter yesterday who attended the Republican Convention and I asked them if Troy was there with his wife. They told me that they saw Troy a number of times but never saw his wife, although it was rumored that he was there with her. They said most everybody was with their spouses at the daily breakfast meeting...he was noticeably alone. This reporter told me that Troy sat alone most of the time talking on his cell phone. No word on whether JW Godwin was in attendance.


Brandon said...

He's never seen a death penalty he didn't like.

What a joke this asshat is.

Anonymous said...

It costs the state much more to execute somone after, all the appeals, not to mention the shocking number of wrongful convictions when such emotions are involved. DNA isn't the gold standard experts once claimed in proecution.IMO it should always be used to exonorate before execution.If you jail a rapist, they should be segragated from other prisoners at all times. The only cure for a rapist is death, preferably a slow and painful one.

Melanie35903 said...

Excuse me, but a meth maker, that uses and sells the mighty meth gets off easier that a sex offender! Pot smokers rarely get anything other than time served while waiting for bail. Troy "the Queen of Alabama" King is a total waste of space and breath. While I agree that certain sex crimes should be punished to the max, in Alabama, there is NO DEFENSE for sodomy!!!! Wake up and change the laws to actually punish the offenders that deserve death or or life without parole and make the decisions based on fact and not general opinions of those who do not know the facts. I speak from the victim's side, I was raped from birth to 9 years old by my father, and I am married to a RSO that has served his time for false charges (Rape 2, there was no penetration, so it can't be rape, and Sod 2, attempted oral,) when he was 22 and the alleged victim was the 14 year old female lover of his then wife. Enough is enough. Put everyone on a web site no matter what the crime and see if it changes anything.

Loretta Nall said...

Melanie...I am sorry for what you have been through. Many girls in Alabama and across the nation have experienced the same awful reality.

I stand by what I said about pot smokers. They do often get more time than child molesters. I covered the Jerry Wayne Love case in Huntsville last year. Read about that case at this link. Jerry Wayne Love

In short he was accused many times over of raping foster children in his care. But when it got to court he pleaded guilty to first degree sodomy and was sentenced to NO TIME in prison.

In a pot case from that area some years ago a man named Douglas Lamar Grey bought a pound of weed from an under cover narc for $900. Mr. Grey is a Vietnam vet who lost his leg in the war, came home, married, had a child, started a business and was doing well for himself and his family. He had not been arrested since he was 17 years old and before he went to war. Guess what he got? LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE. He is still in Springville Correctional Facility north of BHAM.

Pot smokers who are charged with simple possession for personal use usually don't go to jail for it...what they go to jail for is inability to pay fines and court costs, failed drug tests and stupid stuff like that. Our prisons are STUFFED with people who got arrested for marijuana and were unable to pay the courts.