Friday, October 24, 2008

I knew she was lying!

woman who claimed she was attacked and mutilated because she supported McCain admits she lied

When I first read this story last night my gut told me she was lying. I mean...people who commit armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon usually aren't of the 'politico crowd' intent on voting in the upcoming election. Plus, what robber is going to stick around and kick your ass for 10 minutes after robbing you....because they don't like your bumper sticker? And how convinent that it was 'a big scary black man' robber who supports Obama. Give me an effin break! Deep down I also wonder if the McCain campaign isn't behind this? I mean about all they got left is to try and scare undecided voters by painting a picture of 'thugs gone wild' if Obama is elected.

Another thing....something was just off about that 'B' on her face. It's like upside down and backwards. And wouldn't an 'O' have made more sense?


The Ripley Porch said...

I think most folks thought she was fake from the first hour they heard the story. She got her fifteen minutes of fame...and thats the end of that.

Anonymous said...

She's a sick puppy. I'm glad they charged her. Susan Smith lite.

Anonymous said...

If you look in a mirror and scratch a "B" on your face it comes out backwards.

Anonymous said...

If Harper Lee had given Mayella Ewell a name that people could remember, this role of a fake victim that panders to racism would be better known and as such less likely to be played in real life.
jim gundlach