Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Shock Collars Should Be a Standard Part of Every Debate

I, like millions of Americans, just suffered through the second Presidential debate.

My first and strongest thought is that both candidates should have been equipped with the shock collars we use for dogs and Tom Brokaw should have been in control of the zapper button. Whenever the candidate wandered off topic, answered the question they wish they had been asked instead of the one asked or when either of them went over time Tom should have zapped the absolute bejeezus out of them. He should have given McCain a double zap when he smarmed that he wouldn't choose Tom as the new Sec. of the Treasury. Lord what an asshole McCain is.

Second, McCain should never be allowed to use the words 'my friends' again. 80% of what he said was just 'my friends' repeated over and over. John McCain is not my friend and I am not his.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Great idea! Though I think Brokaw would have unfairly delivered a shock when they stepped in front of his teleprompter script. ;-)

Bob King said...

That was my reaction. And since that could be put on a t-shirt, that's the liveblogging I did. :P

Graphictruth: Live Blogging the Debate, Graphictruth Style

Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

John McCain should also not be allowed to use the words, "That one" again, also. lol