Wednesday, October 29, 2008

They're both SOCIALIST!

I'm so sick of hearing the word 'socialist' thrown around in this election by those on the 'right'. Obama wants to redistribute the wealth. Obama is a socialist. Obama wants to take your money and give it to people who don't pay taxes. And on and on and on....


McCain and Palin are also SOCIALISTS. McCain voted for the $700 BILLION dollar bail out. That means he took our money and gave it to Wall Street. Sarah Palin said during a rally in VA the other day that she and McCain will DOUBLE the earned income tax credit to $5000. That means they will take money from people who do pay taxes and give it to people who do not pay taxes.


So, how come it's only socialist when Obama does it but not socialist when McCain does it? How come there are no screams of 'SOCIALISM' or 'SOCIALIST' directed at McCain from his supporters? Any McCain supporters out there care to chime in and explain?

I'm all ears.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget evil socialist mastermind Ronald Reagan, the father of earned income credit. :-)

Will said...

If you think Obama's tax plan is socialist, check out Nixon's Tax Reform Act of 1969.

The Ripley Porch said...

To be honest here...most of professional sports are tied together by socialism today. The NCAA? Same way. The NASCAR circuit...yep, them too.

The publishing companies that pay Al Gore $500k for a new book? Same way, all socialist-run because Al's books can't really earn the money you'd think.

Aging rock stars? Tied to socialist record companies who keep enough profit to keep them happy and appearing to be a legend while they really don't sell as well.

So we are left to booze organizations, mary-j-u-wanna farmers, and Xmas trees sale folks who keep America pure on the path of the Republic.

Anonymous said...

One must only look at Obama's a staunch socialist mother and grandparents and then later in life where he hung his hat. His books document attending socialist gatherings and groups. His associations are all socialists and in the Obama for president office in Austin TX, there is a flag with Che's picture on it!
Then you have his socialist "spread the wealth" statement right here in my hometown to Joe the plumber!

So yeah, if it looks like shit and, smells like shit, do you really need to taste it?

I lived in Eastern Europe. Can any of you guess why people there fought socialism, went to jail because of it, and have no desire to ever live under it again?

Loretta, if you think the state has too much power now, you're in for a big fucking surprise when the socialists take power WITH a patriot act!
Been there and seen it! I didn't leave one "socialist utopia" (read police state) to live in another!

Jot me down a list of people who ever "escaped" from capitalism over a wall and were shot at for doing so!