Monday, November 24, 2008


King relies on small-town values as he mulls a gubernatorial run

Will we never be rid of this clown?

King said that he ultimately will turn to his faith and his family to decide on a possible gubernatorial campaign.

The real question is, What kind of first lady will J.W. Godwin make?

Or, will Trixie the pig be the first lady?

Maybe we'll get really lucky and there will be a cat fight between J.W. and Trixie. I'd pay to see that.

Here's the money quote though...

Ferrin Cox, publisher of the Elba Clipper, has known King since childhood and said the community had an enormous affect on him. Cox remembers King as a "clean-cut kid" who got in trouble occasionally but was always honest.

"If Troy tells me it's fixing to rain, I'm going to get my umbrella," Cox said.

Though the two remain friends, Cox said, he has disagreed with some of King's actions as attorney general and would likely have differences with a Gov. King.

"I think he would do as he's done as attorney general: He would offend other people," Cox said. "He would put his high moral standards and beliefs above what is politically correct

That means he will ignore the will of the people and do exactly what he pleases. Sounds a lot like George W. Bush to me and I think Alabamian's have had their fill of that particular kind of politics.

High moral standards?



Anonymous said...

So, Troy like "Cox" even back then, eh?

The Ripley Porch said...

I think Troy has a chance. First, he'll get the gay vote in Bama....which might amount to 150,000 votes. Then Troy could make entire campaign centered around "change" but never really say what the change would be (this would gather 400,000 votes). Then Troy could say that his real father...was a Canadian but Troy was born in America...denying any access to his birth certificate in the process....thus getting another 100,000 from the folks who think its nice to be of foreign descent but still American. Then Troy could say he's for dumping all dry countries in Bama...thus getting another 250,000 votes from guys who've sat patiently for years for someone to do this. Finally....Troy could vow to make Mary-j-u-wanna legal in the state but taxed for $1 per joint...providing this money to the Auburn and Alabama football dynasties as incentive money to bring even better players to the state....thus getting another 600,000 votes.

The amusing thing is that half of the Bama population...would be dumb enough to vote for Troy...for all the reasons given above....and then not even question his morals or ethics.

What Troy really needs at this a trophy wife...who can do all the campaigning for him and smile for the cameras. If he could hustle up such a gal....he'd likely clear up all his problems and might actually win the election with no newspapers asking any stupid questions then.

Loretta Nall said...

LMAO...good one write-chic!

Leonidas said...

Since my Brother and sister Alabamians voted overwhelmingly for John McSame, I don't think they have had nearly enough of Bush/Cheney-type gov't. They love it. Evidently, Southeners favorite meal is swallowing lying bull shit.

Troy King can get away with anything as long as he has a New Testament visible in his shirt pocket. And doesn't let the National Enquirer catch him.

Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

Writing the National Enquirer as we speak!! LMAO.