Monday, December 08, 2008

Dogs are Awesome!

Puppies Save Three-year-old

A three year old little boy wandered away from his babysitter and spent a night alone in the woods in Virginia. It was 17 degrees. The family and rescuers credit two cute little mongrel puppies for his survival. Apparently they followed him from home and snuggled up to him and kept him warm. Dogs are just awesome.

Yesterday I watched 'DogTown' for the first time and was moved to tears at the condition of tons of toy dogs that were rescued from a puppy mill. They had lived in small cages in their own urine and feces for their entire lives. Never been on the grass or allowed to run around with other puppies. Their fur was matted so badly they had to be shaved and they were completely feral. Had to be muzzled or they would attack. By the end of the show they were much improved.

I'll never understand how humans can be so cruel to our animal companions. They make the world a more interesting place to live. I love my dog like he is one of the kids and cannot imagine ever harming him in any deliberate way.

Long Live Doggies!


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Quite AMAZING!!!

QUOTE: (from Daily News -)

"The little boy didn't say anything, according to rescue team member Jerry Gentry, but instead "just opened his arms up like, 'I'm ready to go.'"

"When I first saw him, he was like, 'Momma, I got cold. I slept in the woods last night. The puppies kept me warm.' He told me that ... the dogs slept up against him. And I'm sure the body heat kept him warm," said his mother, Sarah Ingram.

Billie Jo Roach, another member of the search party that found the boy, said the puppies refused to leave his side."