Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Bell!

My one and only darling daughter is 12 today! Happy Birthday baby girl! I love you.



Fred said...

They grow up too quickly these days, but I wish her a very happy birthday and the best of everything in her young life!

Oh yeah, and congrats on the spelling bee win!

Anonymous said...

I hope her birthday was a good one. She's a wonderful young lady.

Loretta Nall said...

It was a wonderful birthday for her. She got a nice pocket full of money from a great teacher I know named 'Nancy' :) She also got a Sherlock Holmes 'deer stalker' hat which she has been begging for for months and she finally got her drawing tablet for the computer which she has wanted since time out of mind. She even got off computer restriction for the night so she could draw. It was a wonderful birthday for me too. I got so many rib crushing hugs that I am sore this morning.

Hugs back to you Nancy. Bell and I both love you dearly!

Don said...

Tell Bell to live this year to the fullest because she will never be 12 again at this time next year. This is the year (to rephrase an old title) that tolls for Bell.

Happy belated birthday, Bell, and may you enjoy many, many, many more. :-)