Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Let's Blow Up Hwy. 280

I took my daughter to the Alabama School of Fine Arts Open House yesterday afternoon. It started at 3:30 and ended at 4:30 which meant that we had to drive 280 home during rush hour.

It took me over an hour after getting on 280 from the Red Mountain Expressway to get to the big hill just past Inverness where the red lights end.

Go two feet and stop. Go two feet and stop. Sit four cars back from an obvious green light and cuss because no one is moving. Go two feet and stop.

Good God it is MADDENING!! I don't see how people do it everyday. I'd never be able to pull it off every day. I say we just blow the whole damn highway up. Or maybe Obama will take on the elevated bypass as part of his government jobs highway program.


Anonymous said...

We don't need an elevated highway. What we need are to make the service roads that run alongside it through the Inverness area complete, straighten them in some places, and extend them at least from Highway 119 up into Mountain Brook. Then eliminate all or at least most of the traffic lights on 280 itself, instead having exits onto the service roads and perhaps a few overpasses to allow access from one side to the other.

This would cost a lot less than a complete elevated expressway and likely solve the congestion by allowing long distance traffic to flow smoothly and getting local traffic off the highway and onto the service roads.

Loretta Nall said...

Oh come on...where's your sense of adventure and instant gratification? It would be so much fun to blow it up:)

Clay said...

many communities suffer from poor planning. remember this when the government wants to take over your health care.

Freckles said...

280 depresses me. It's basically a microcosm of everything wrong w/ American society. Nothing boils my blood more than to be stuck on 280 and be boxed in on all sides by SUVs and gargantuan trucks driven by people who most certainly do not need to be driving these gas hogs, even if gas IS cheaper now. You don't need 4WD to run to Starbucks!

Loretta Nall said...

I too was marveling at the huge number of SUV's and giant trucks on 280. They are everywhere though even here in my small town. Out here in the country a big truck can be justified...but for city driving?

amanda said...

I went to ASFA my first two years of high school (14 years ago) and I remember our car pool treks vividly from Meadowbrook to school. It was ALWAYS at least an hour drive home. In the mornings if you left at 6:45 you were early and if you left at 7 you were 30 minutes late.