Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Sober Discussion of Weed

Danner over at 9Numbers has up a great post on legalizing marijuana.

A Sober Discussion of Weed

Go read it and straighten this guy 'alarob' out on his warped view of legalization.

And thanks for the post Danner. It helps to keep the conversation moving in the right direction.


Anonymous said...

Alarob strikes me as a really good guy. It's just hard to find objective information on the subject of marijuana, so I think most people are unfamiliar with many key facts on the matter.

Loretta Nall said...

A good guy maybe,but like so many others completely wrong on this issue.

I agree that objective information is hard to find if you only look in the US. Of course, we can't trust anything the government says or any studies they release as they have a vested interest in keeping marijuana illegal. They have built a prison/industrial complex that is very profitable and employs a lot of people on its illegality. Plus, they never like to admit they are wrong and are afraid of the lawsuits they would face from people in prison on marijuana charges.

However, alarob needs to search for Dr. Donald Tashkin, who used to be a government researcher who did studies on marijuana for the DEA. A couple years ago he did a study trying to prove it caused lung cancer and found that not only does it not cause appears to have preventative effects. THC has many anti-cancer properties. The DEA dismissed his study and now he no longer works for the government.

Some excellent medical studies about the medical uses of marijuana have been published in The Journal of Clinical Investigation.

Also, something that needs to be taken into consideration is that the government will not allow independent studies to be carried out on any marijuana unless it was grown at the University of Mississippi, which the government controls. It's basically bunk weed. I know three of the federal patients who receive a tin can of 300 pre-rolled joints from there every month. UofM takes the marijuana it grows, grinds it all up (seeds, stems and all) extracts the THC from it and then sprays it back on. I do not know why as the plant in its natural state is the best. But that is what they do. In order to make the government look right they grow ditch weed and then further degrade it so that it doesn't appear to have any more medical benefits than say straw would if you smoked it. Dr. Lyle Cracker at UMass has been petitioning the government to allow him to import a few grams from the Netherlands to conduct research on and has been denied despite the DEA's administrative law judge saying it should be allowed.

There are also a lot of good Italian studies about marijuana and Alzheimer's.

The list goes on and on.