Monday, December 29, 2008

Why do we keep doing this?

I've noticed stories in all of Alabama's major newspapers over the last week or so about who is lining up to run for Governor in 2010. For the record, I will not be running for Governor in 2010. I am possibly going to run for a House Seat.

So, who are the potential candidates? Why, the usual suspects, of course.

On the Republican side of the equation.

Tim James, son of former Governor Fob James. If I recall correctly Fob danced around like a monkey during a discussion about evolution. I believe Jane Goodall was the moderator. :)

Kay Ivey, currently State Treasurer and a completely intolerant old bat when it comes to people with different religious beliefs than she holds. Yep, that's just what we need...a female Roy Moore. Joy!

Troy King, currently the Alabama Attorney General, who is rumored to be in a closet gay relationship with his top aide, has a fondness for inflatable latex pigs, and is despised by almost all Alabama District Attorneys because he likes to put politics ahead of what is right for the state. There are also numerous ethics violations like accepting box seats from Alabama Power to an Atlanta Braves game and getting a job for a friend's mother in the two year college system from the guy he was investigating for handing out jobs to friends in the two year college system. Just a swell guy all the way around.

Bradley Byrne, currently the two year college chancellor.

Mike Hubbard, currently the chair of the Republican party. Does not want to follow the law and allow people who are in jail but have not lost their voting rights to register to vote. Apparently Mike thinks all people in jail or prison are potential Democrats. Guess he never met the skin heads or the Aryan Brotherhood. Anyway, we won the battle over voter registration and Mike Hubbard lost.

Jack Hawkins Jr., chancellor of Troy University.

Jo Bonner, current US Representative from Mobile.

On the Democratic side of the equation.

Rep. Artur Davis, currently a US Representative from Birmingham. A Harvard graduate, close to President elect Obama and if elected he would be the first African American Governor in Alabama's history.

Ron Sparks, currently Alabama Agriculture Commissioner.

Jim Folsom Jr., currently Lt. Governor and son of a former Governor.

Seth Hammett, currently Speaker of the Alabama House.

With the exception of a couple of those named on either side these folks all have one thing in common. They have been involved in politics in Alabama for many, many years. And very few Alabamians are happy with the way things currently are. We stay in the 49th or 50th spot for things that are good and damn near always take the top spot for things that are bad. So, why would we even consider filling the top office with some of the very same people who brought us to the point where we are now? Why do we do this to ourselves every four years and then bitch about it for the next four years?

In 2010 I say we nominate and run Trixie the Pig. Y'all all remember Trixie. She's a much more honest pig than the ones who currently hold elected office in Alabama and as qualified as all of those lining up to run in 2010. I think I'll start a petition to get her name on the ballot.

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Anonymous said...

You forgot about Charles Barkley, who's said publicly that he wants to run. No joke.