Monday, January 26, 2009

Another Birmingham Bust

Two separate Jefferson County traffic stops net 410 pounds of marijuana

Two separate traffic stops made by the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office Highway Safety Unit in a span of 15 minutes Sunday led to deputies confiscating more than 400 pounds of marijuana being smuggled on Interstate 20 East between Irondale and Leeds.

According to Lt. Randy Christian here's what happened:

A truck pulling a trailer with two horses was stopped for a traffic violation. A search of the trailer uncovered more than 400 pounds of marijuana with a street value of $820,000. About 15 minutes later, a rental car was stopped and approximately 10 pounds of marijuana -- with a street value of about $22,000 -- was found hidden in the vehicle.

Let's see...there have been 8 murders in Birmingham in the first 26 days of the new year 2009. Yet, the police are out harassing marijuana businessmen.

According to the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center the statewide clearance rates for all non-drug related crimes is 19%.

The overwhelming consensus from those leaving comments is that marijuana should be legal. However,until people make their voice heard by pressuring their elected officials in Montgomery these arrests will continue.

Let me ask all of the people on here who support the drug war some simple questions.

In the 40+ years that we have had drug prohibition name one stated goal that has been achieved. Has locking up adults who use responsibly kept kids or other adults from smoking pot? Has the flow of drugs into our country been reduced or eliminated altogether? Are drugs harder for children to get? Has the purity of drugs decreased? Has prison worked as a cure for drug addiction?

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