Thursday, January 08, 2009

Girlfriend says Decatur Cop stole $70,000

Woman says cop stole $70,000

Times Staff Writer

White expected to return to Decatur in one or two days

DECATUR - Police say the woman who allegedly helped a Decatur sergeant stage his disappearance told officers that she thinks he stole up to $70,000 in seized drug money.

Sgt. Faron White, 48, is accused of taking at least $2,500 Friday night when he allegedly staged a struggle in his office before he flew to Las Vegas. Sarah Richardson, 29, a volunteer worker in White's office, is charged with helping White disappear.

Wonder how the cop feels about his girlfriend narcing him out? Oh god I just love the poetic justice-y nature of this one.


Anonymous said...

What's an even bigger shame is that most people won't realize this is a sign of the horrible ongoing corruption in the "drug war," and will just see it as the actions of "one bad cop." And, nothing will change in the end.

Schnitzel_Republic said...

The problem tends to be where the cops don't track the "take" on drug & money seizures...and it simply disappears. I'll bet within the US alone...its well over $20 million that disappears each year.

Give this guy a drug test, and I'll even bet he fails on something. He'll just get replaced by another guy who does the same thing in five years.

Loretta Nall said...

mdm and are both correct. All I hear from the blue sector is 'Aw poor feller was under stress cut him some slack'...My big white ass. They would all do what he did given the chance.