Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kale! The Best Food on Earth

Yesterday when I did my grocery shopping I decided to buy some Kale to cook for supper. It had been years since I had eaten Kale and I had only eaten it once in my whole life. I remembered it being very tasty.

Tasty is a very real understatement! I think it might just be the yummiest food on earth. It is better than turnip greens, which I also love, but it doesn't have the bitter bite that turnip greens have. Kale is related to cabbage and broccoli. It has the texture of cabbage (but still retains a bit of crunch after cooking) and the flavor of cabbage and broccoli with a hearty, meaty undertone. Its hard to describe.

Here is how you cook it.

Wash and finely chop kale leaves. Remove the larger stems.
Bring pan of water, salt, pepper, dried onions and three pieces of chopped raw bacon to a boil.
Add greens.
Simmer on medium heat for about an hour and a half.

After my crew ate all the greens last night I poured the pot liquor (green juice) into two coffee cups. It made a delicious soup. My daughter drank hers right away and my husband drank his along with breakfast this morning.

We will be planting a very large patch of it in our garden this year.

Kale. Get Some.

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Don said...

I’ve grown Kale for years and I agree with you about how good it is. My wife’s doctor told her that kale is one of the healthiest veggies that anyone can eat.

I also grow Mustard and often cook it either alone or mixed with any other greens. It’s a bit “spicy” and I like to use it raw in sandwiches in lieu of that bland lettuce as well as added to salads.