Friday, January 23, 2009

Mini bust in Hoover

The Birmingham Police Department busted a small grow operation yesterday in Hoover. A guy had what looks to be 60 very small plants and the paper and cops are acting like it is the bust of the damn century. I get so sick of the sensationalism around stories like this. There is a cop on the forums claiming marijuana will make you rob and steal. God, now I have heard it all.

IT'S JUST PLANTS. PLANTS THAT DO NOT, HAVE NOT, and NEVER WILL KILL ANYONE. The COPS do the majority of the killing associated with marijuana in those lovely no-knock, flash bang grenade, 3 a.m. SWAT raids. The laws do the rest of the killing.

Growing your own keeps the money out of the hands of criminal organizations. Its a method of harm/crime reduction.

With the failing economy we will see more and more people turning to this cash cow. Even a few cops will join in. The Great Depression was the largest determining factor in ending alcohol prohibition. I suspect when the empty ideology of the drug war comes face to face with our Great Depression prohibition will be over.

If anyone keeps up with Prison Commissioner Allen you would know that drug offenses are what is fueling our prison crisis. Over 30% of people in Alabama prisons are there for drug offenses. Every year arrests for simple possession of marijuana account for 50% of all drug arrests in the state. Yet there is marijuana everywhere. If the drug war were working this would not be the case.

Its time we legalized and taxed marijuana for adult use. The money collected in taxes could be used to fund schools (much like the taxes from alcohol sales are used to fund DHR), treatment for people addicted to hard drugs, state budgets, not to mention the mass of new jobs and industries that would be created. Why make it cost taxpayers money when it could be making money hand over fist to the betterment of us all?

The majority of the comments on the forum are positive. Most citizens recognize the folly of the drug war. We need to all come together and put an end to this madness. Go one over and leave your comments.


Valis said...

There's a big furore on over here in South Africa at the moment. The aircrew of an SAA flight has been bust at Heathrow airport for smuggling in 50 kilos of weed. Although there's a big uproar over this story here, I haven't heard ONE single person say anything about how absurd it was to arrest people over a harmless plant. When I hear all the stories on the news I keep thinking how ridiculous it all is.

SAA crew held in London

stonedincalhoun said...

Obama: END THE DRUG WAR!!!!!!!!

cbbama said...

Glad to see your still active Loretta. You go get em girl!!!!!
You know who i am. Sorry we never got to meet in person. I got popped and sent to prison so i had to change my life or serve 20 in the pen. Alabama prisons are not fun at all. Bad food, bad people ect.
Funny thing is when they sent me to prison , once i reached my permanent camp , what was the 1st thing i smelled when i walked into the dorm?
You guessed it, Marijuana. LOL
Every drug you could want is in Alabama prisons and its the guards that bring it in. It wouldnt surprise me if the wardens and the commish arent it it as well.