Saturday, January 24, 2009

Warped Mentality

So, I was reading this story on the Montgomery Advertiser site this morning about 29 people rounded up in a drug investigation in Elmore County and one of the comments really angered me.

Replying to Peoplewatcher:
I'm saying, the MPD, Sheriff's office, Task Force are real life human beings, just like us, who go in and get these scumbags and risk getting shot. You don't hear about these roundups where the cops go in shooting up the place. On the street, these losers will kill someone for trying to rip them off. After spending months investigating this ring, they went in, got the drugthugs, and nobody got hurt. Since there's no room in the jails because the convicts are crying that it's too crowded, most of these losers are released before the police even finish the paperwork.

So, according to this guy only cops are real life humans and drug users are somehow not real life sub-humans? How is that exactly? How does the ingestion of a substance make someone less than human? Humans have been ingesting substances that alter their state of mind since cave man times. There is nothing unnatural about it. What is unnatural is that we have built an entire prison industrial complex based on laws that are designed to thwart natural human behavior.

And I beg to differ..we do hear about these roundups where cops go in shooting up the place. Try this link for starters
Drug War Victims

And this one
Kathryn Johnston

And it isn't just inmates upset about crowded conditions. It is also the
Prison Commissioner

What I wonder about is how does someone come to the conclusion that people who ingest substances that occur naturally are somehow less than human and that those who chase said ingesters around with semi-automatic machine guns are super human hero's? They wouldn't be shit without those guns. Do people who hate drug users, like this person obviously does, actually think that addicts sat around as children and said, "When I grow up I want to be a heroin addict, or a meth addict or a pill addict?" That line of thinking is beyond retarded. It's like they never take into consideration the circumstances that led to addiction. I guess only simple people can oversimplify something so complex.

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sixstring said...

Check out kae11....

Steve said...

Please consider how capitalism produces warped responses to drug use. One of the arguments against marijuana has been that people get lethargic and don't want to work any more. Well, if you are a capitalist you need other people to work for you so that you can live off of their labors.

In similar fashion, drugs which expand awareness and show the false reasoning and unvirtuous premises of capitalism are viewed as a threat.

Education is the solution. You are correct that people have been altering their mind/consciousness with substances since caveman.
Not all substances are equally dangerous. Some are actually beneficial. It may depend on the individual and the circumstance more than the substance.

There is something I call "property consciousness" which is at the root of attempts to control people.
If I have property consciousness I know that I have embraced an unloving, uncaring, unconscious way of living and I feel threatened by people who may be aware enough to correct me. So I make laws to oppress them and keep them away from me.

Yes, it's a conspiracy. Property is a conspiracy. There are no inherent "property rights" yet we insist that we have the right to say "It's mine...not yours!" and even kill people who disagree with us.

Imagine living in a world where we "teach virtue" to each other rather than "enforce prejudices." That's what most of law and government come down to, when you think about it.

Steve Moyer

sixstring said...


I don't think mj use causes people to be lazy in general.

I'm not sure most drug users reject capitalism. And I'm not sure capitalism leads to a more repressive drug policy than say communism.

YOUR ARE RIGHT! Education is the solution.

Sounds like you have great karma and interesting ideas.

Loretta Nall said...


I respectfully disagree with you on property rights and capitalism. Property rights are some of the strongest rights we have. Capitalism is the best system of economics. If we didn't have these stupid drug laws capitalism would allow us to open cannabis cafe's and create whole new industries around our favorite green leafy plant. California is making billions on their cannabis cafe's.

sixstring said...

"Imagine no possesions" - J. Lennon.
I must admit, I like being able to say "this is mine".

Unfettered capitalism can be bad - see current economic situation.

We have a mixed system.

I suppose communism could allow cannabis cafe's owned by the state.

I'm not arguing for socialism/communism, just throwing out ideas.

sixstring said...

Ron Paul's economic ideas are persuasive to me.