Sunday, February 08, 2009

Bills to watch this week

There are a couple of bills coming up this week in the legislative session that my readers will want to be aware of.

First off is HB225
Under existing law, the Governor and local political subdivisions are granted additional emergency powers during states of emergency.This bill would specify that these powers do not authorize the seizure or confiscation of firearms or ammunition from persons lawfully authorized to possess them and would specify certain conditions when a law enforcement officer may disarm an indiviual.

This bill needs to pass in the worst way. After Hurricane Katrina law enforcement disarmed the law abiding population of New Orleans leaving them helpless against violent criminals intent on looting and killing. That never needs to happen here. If you believe in the Second Amendment of the US Constitution then you need to contact the members of the judiciary committee and let them know you want this bill passed. The contact info for the judiciary committee is here on an unrelated post.

Next up....

HB436 needs to die a horrible death. This is known as the moral turpitude bill. Remember back during election season one of the groups I work with went around to jails and prisons registering people who had not under the law lost their right to vote? Well, the Republicans and Troy King got their panties in a bunch over us following the law and now they want to make farting in a supermarket a crime of moral turpitude. (not really but close enough)
They have added any and all felony crimes to this bill, things like shoplifting and even worse felony possession of marijuana. Felony possession of marijuana in Alabama equates to getting caught twice with no more than one joint or a seed and would disenfranchise tens of thousands of voters mostly young people and black people. There is no good in this. The only way someone should be denied the right to vote is if they have committed a crime that has denied another person the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. How does smoking a joint do that? How does shoplifting do that? KILL THIS BILL. Contact the Constitution and Elections Committee and ask the members to VOTE NO on HB436. A list of all committees can be found here.

As the list for next week grows I will update bill that need support of need the axe.


sixstring said...

Why do we have to have a bill affirming the second amendament?
Do you know if those Katrina actions were ever challenged in court?

Loretta Nall said...

sixstring....We shouldn't have to have a bill affirming the second amendment but under state of emergency powers we need all the protections we can get.

I do not know if the Katrina cases were ever challenged. Seems like they were. I'll look around and see if I can find out.