Thursday, February 05, 2009

HB 434 The Michael Phillips Compassionate Care Act

HOORAY!!! We have a bill number for the Michael Phillips Compassionate Care Act.

HB434 is sponsored by Rep. Patricia Todd (she's awesome!) and named in honor of the young man in the picture below. You can read Michael's story here

Right now our next step is to get this bill out of committee. Thank you all so much for all of the calls you have already made. The Judiciary committee hears us loud and clear and for right now we do not need to make any more calls to the committee. We expect this bill to be in committee either this coming Wednesday or the next Wednesday. That could change and of course as soon as I know exactly when I will let all of you know.

Please DO call your own member of the House in Montgomery and ask them to support HB434 when it comes to the house floor for a vote. This is especially important if your member of the house is also on the rules committee as I understand that is where it will go after it passes out of judiciary. It has to go through the rules committee before it can go before the entire house for a vote.

If you don't know who your elected official is in Montgomery go here (for the House) and look them up by zip code.
Go here for Senate


Anonymous said...

I don't know if it matters or not but it looks like they got the definitions of (8)qualified patient and (9)qualifying patient mixed up.I'm very excited that this bill is even being considerd here in ol Bama.However I can't maintain the excitment when I know that we live in one of if not the #1 draconian state in the union.If it passes here look out its going nation wide as it should be.BTW thanks for all the info and work you put into this and other projects.You got my vote for gov when you ran and you have my vote in everything else you do.Boy did those popos F with the wrong person or what?lol.You go girl and keep going just like the energizer bunny.Thats what I admire about you.You didn't get mad and just do a little.You kept going and going.Here's to you keepin on keepin on!

sixstring said...

I would like to second Anonymous in their admiration of your persistence.
Some thoughts on the bill....

It provides for an "Adequate Supply" and defines that as 12 plants AND 2.5 oz. of "usable" marijuana.
The ideal situation would be for the patient or caregiver to grow the marijuana and not participate in the black market. If it takes about 3 months to bring the plants to harvest(that's what I've heard), the 2.5 oz. would need to last for 3 months and would require indoor year round growing. That's about 1/5 oz. per week. I'm not sure that would be adequate in all situations and doesn't allow for outdoor once a year growing.
The 2.5 oz of usable marijuana would not include stems or seeds. So judging the amount of usable marijuana would entail removing the usable material from the stems. And I can see debate about whether the non bud leaves are usable.