Monday, March 02, 2009



Please excuse the lateness of this reminder. Due to the snow yesterday my son was unable to make his connecting bus in Montgomery back to school in Mobile so I had to drive him back this morning and am just now getting home.

Here are the plans for Tuesday. Everyone will meet on the steps of the Alabama State House located at 11 S. Union Street in Montgomery around 9 to 9:15. From there we will all go and get coffee and donuts and break up into groups and have a quick refresher course on what to say and so forth. Please make copies of the information packet I gave you on Saturday...especially the record form for what the legislators said to you during the meetings.

Also, you should each print out a few copies of the bill which is located

I am working on printing out scientific studies for each medical condition that will be represented tomorrow. If any of you could print out your own that would be very helpful. I will look over whatever you print tomorrow and make sure it is something that will be beneficial.

Wear your STOP ARRESTING PATIENTS shirts that I gave you on Saturday. If you aren't a patient and are coming as a supporter please wear nice casual or dress clothes.

That is all I can think of for right now. If I think of anything else later I'll send out another email. My cell phone number is 256-625-9599 should any of you need it in the morning.

I'll see you around 9.

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