Sunday, March 22, 2009

Garden and Puppy Shots

Thought I'd share some new pics of the garden and the puppies. Saul is actually grown but is somewhat regressing since Sadie is here. I've been trying to get a good shot of them in close proximity to show the vast size difference. I wish I'd had my camera when I woke up this morning because Sadie had moved from her accustomed spot on the floor at the head of my side of the bed to snuggle up in a little ball with Saul at the foot of the bed where he sleeps. It was very sweet.

BTW, the beautiful light orange blooms are from an Apple Quince tree. My friend Penny gave it to me a few weeks ago and I have not gotten around to planting it. I've never eaten one that I can recall. Does anyone know what they taste like?


Laura said...

What an awesome place you have! And I LOVE your dogs! They are beautiful!!

Loretta Nall said...

Thank you Laura. They are quite a handful too! Especially the little one who loves to attack pants legs, toes, ankles and feet, along with electric cords, clothing and anything else that appears chewy to her including Saul's testicles, tail, toes and snout. Saul gets a little snappy with her but is gentle overall and seems happy with the new addition to his pack.

I am ready to get my garden plants in the ground. I won't plant until after Good Friday though because every time I do a frost comes along and kills my stuff and I have to start all over. So, this year all of my yummy veggies are staying in cups until all danger of frost has passed.