Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Oh Boy This Could Get Interesting

Alabama Attorney General Troy King Under Investigation by FEDS

Alabama Attorney General Troy King's office is reportedly under investigation by federal authorities, a probe that came as a surpise to King.
Reports published Tuesday by two newspaper said former members of King's staff went before a federal grand jury meeting in Montgomery last week.
The Montgomery Independent newspaper reported that seven witnesses were called last week to testify before a grand jury convening at the federal courthouse in Montgomery. Citing sign-in logs at the courthouse and observation of people entering and leaving the grand jury room, The Independent identified the witnesses as former employees of the attorney general's office.

The Birmingham News reported that one part of the probe could be King's office investigating former Tuscaloosa City Councilman Jerry Plott at the behest of a King supporter, Tuscaloosa businessman Stan Pate.
Plott told The News that King investigated him after Plott had angered Pate for opposing the use of public money to help a shopping development Pate was building.

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Dragan Vojnovic said...

Oh well. Yet another proof that everyone, government included, is prone to corruption. *sigh*