Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Saul and Sadie Update

UGH! House breaking a puppy SUX! I woke up this morning to many, many stinky, squishy piles that I had to get up even before I had coffee. I almost didn't make it through without adding my own contents to the numerous piles. I've never had any luck house breaking a puppy. When I got Saul he was four months old, had lived outside all his life and only went to the bathroom once the first night he was in the house. The only other times he has ever done it have been when he had an upset tummy. I hope Sadie will follow his lead and learn to go outside.

They are getting along fabulously! They are playing together, laying down together, sharing toys and food and water bowls and not a growl has been uttered. I think Saul is very, very happy to have another of his own kind around. This is the first dog he has been around since I bought him back in 2006. I didn't know how he would react since he has been my baby for that long with no competition. He has done superb! I think he might even be in love.

Sadie is a mini-alligator! She is chewing everything. Shoes, socks, toes, fingers, Saul's tail, pants legs, rawhides, scraps of god knows what on the floor...anything she can get her teeth on. Saul was pretty much over the chewing everything in sight stage when I brought him home...although he does love him some rawhide.

So, I am learning all over again what it is like to take care of an infant. Potty training, keeping things that don't belong in mouths out of mouths, standing sentry over electrical cords and plugs, trying to set an eating and sleeping routine, refereeing the interaction between little one and big one, cleaning up piles of shit and puddles of pee and trying my best to keep doing all the things with Saul that I did before we got Sadie...all the fun stuff.

Despite the extra aggravation I am most pleased with my new puppy. Saul seems so happy and nothing is sweeter than a warm fuzzy, loving, playful critter. It is all worth it.

Oh yeah...I think I already have every future litter of puppies these two produce sold.

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