Sunday, March 15, 2009

Too hysterical not to share

A Florida legislator who is head of the Agriculture committee is upset that animal husbandry is legal. She is also a former teacher. God that's scary.

Here's what happened while the FL legislature was debating a bill banning beastiality.

Rich’s legislation would target only those who derived or helped others derive ‘’sexual gratification” from an animal, specifying that conventional dog-judging contests and animal-husbandry practices are permissible.

That last provision tripped up Miami Democratic Sen. Larcenia Bullard.

”People are taking these animals as their husbands? What’s husbandry?” she asked. Some senators stifled their laughter as Sen. Charlie Dean, an Inverness Republican, explained that husbandry is raising and caring for animals. Bullard didn’t get it.

”So that maybe was the reason the lady was so upset about that monkey?” Bullard asked, referring to a Connecticut case where a woman’s suburban chimpanzee went mad and was shot.

(H/T Popehat via The Agitator)

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Sisomso_Esrever said...


- - When presented with the FACTS,
(all true, by the way),
would Larcenia Bullard be in favor of outlawing Dihydrogen Monoxide?
(DHMO has claimed scores of lives, millions of dollars in property-damage, just in FloriDUH alone!)