Sunday, April 26, 2009

Today's Installment of "I Wish Stupid Hurt"

Today's "I Wish Stupid Hurt" post is dedicated to none other than our own super-conflicted Attorney General Troy King.

What did he do now, you ask? Well, it appears that ol Troy Boy has changed his stance on gambling right before the 2010 election. That, in and of itself, might lead some of you to believe that Troy is moving in a progressive direction. But, do not be deceived, dear readers. He just wants the money from gambling for his campaign.

From Troy King Attends Party hosted by Gambling Developers then forces Sheriff to Issue Electronic Bingo Permits

Three months before he issued a legal opinion that clears the way for a developer to get a gambling permit in Houston County, Attorney General Troy King was one of the featured guests at a party thrown by the developer.

Houston County Sheriff Andy Hughes said the legal viability of Ronnie Gilley's proposed Country Crossing development was at stake, and the opinion told Hughes he has no choice but to issue a bingo permit once certain conditions have been met.

King's chief of staff, Chris Bence, said his boss was traveling Friday and unavailable to answer questions. Bence said there was no conflict of interest in King attending the party and his office issuing the opinion.

The invitation for the party Jan. 24, 2008, at Gilley's home mentioned three names -- two famous country music singers and King's.

Join country music legend George Jones to welcome in the New Year. Shake off the winter cold as you dance among the hay bales and listen to a special performance by country music superstar John Anderson. Come dressed for fun and join Attorney General Troy King for a bash you'll never forget!"

At the event, Gilley called upon King to address the crowd, according to guests.

Remember this is the same Troy King who in 2004 (I think) dressed up in SWAT gear complete with helmet and flak jacket and stormed an electronic bingo hall in Troy, Alabama?

And the same one who took box seats at a braves game from Alabama Power? And asked Roy Johnson who was head of the two year college system to hire the mother of a friend while he was investigating Johnson and others in the two year college system for hiring friends and relatives? The same one who wanted to ban sex toys? The same one who openly spews hatred against homosexuality, yet is rumored by many to be gay himself.

Please vote this joke out of office in 2010. I'm running out of vulgar and insulting things to send him. Its a real shame that there isn't an inflatable slot machine that shows three dildos in a row. That'd be perfect.

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