Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Drug Dealing Claim Raises Questions

My letter regarding Rep. Alvin Holmes claim that a drug dealer was operating out of the Alabama State House was published in today's Montgomery Advertiser.

Drug Dealing Claim Raises Questions

In response to Rep. Alvin Holmes' claim that a drug dealer set up shop in the Statehouse and now has a claim on his life, I have four things to say.

# Who were the drugs being dealt to?

# In order to find out the answer to that, I say we drug-test all elected officials and state employees and find out. If I have to be drug-tested to work at Wal-Mart, and kids have to be drug tested to play in the band, then those elected to run government, control the checkbook of the entire state and be in a position of power, which they use to put other people in prison for using drugs, certainly should be drug-tested.

And they should be in line way, way, way ahead of anyone else. I'll even supply the cups.

# If drugs were legal, then this would be a moot conversation and Rep. Holmes would not fear for his life.

# Anyone who thinks politicians don't use drugs is smoking way stronger stuff than I am.

Loretta Nall
Alexander City


Anonymous said...

I shit chickens when I read about this in your previous blog. Not because I'm suprised. I just bet some state house weed is as dank as it comes.

Christie O'Brien said...

I wish they would drug test them all so we could find out who's holding the DANK ;)