Tuesday, May 05, 2009

TWITTER the Hops To Freedom

The Free the Hops supporters are urging Alabamians who TWITTER to send Senator Hank Erwin a message asking him to allow a Senate vote on Free the Hops. It seems ol Hank is busy once again thwarting the will of the people and trying to impose his own 'morality' on the rest of us. And he is bragging about it in Twitter. It should have been clear to Hank when the bill to allow Shelby Co. restaurants to continue serving alcohol on Sunday was passed, then vetoed by the Governor and then had the veto overrode by the House that people want alcohol in his district (and all others). None of us really give a damn what Hank Erwin thinks about beer or drinking. He doesn't have to drink if he is opposed to it...but that is no reason to stop others from doing so by using the threat of government force.

Mayhap Hank Erwin needs to be reminded about the first miracle of Christ, which, if my memory serves me correctly, was turning water into wine.

Anyhoo, GO HERE to get tweeting instructions.

With any luck we will only have one more year of this moron in Alabama government. He'll never be elected Lt. Gov. and Cam Ward will easily take his seat in the Senate. I wonder if Hank will move to Afghanistan and join the Taliban? He'd damn sure fit right in.

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Don said...

If Senator Irwin goes to Afghanistan or anywhere outside of Alabama I hope he takes along many of his fellow legislators as fellow travelers. Alabamians will be better served, hopefully, if he does.