Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Didn't we already cover this?

In an email from the Artur Davis Campaign which is just too rich to pass up...

Barely a month into the race for Governor of Alabama, Artur Davis is already shaking up the status quo. He's running a different kind of campaign -- and people are taking notice.

Just last week, Politico, a D.C. publication, described the grumbling coming from some of the "Montgomery-based power brokers who have dominated the state’s political scene for decades." They're not happy about the kind of change Artur Davis wants to bring to Alabama and the way he'll shake up Montgomery.

Let's be clear: Artur Davis is not going to let a set of entrenched forces with tired old ideas tell us we can't change things.

That's where you come in. To overcome the insiders and power brokers who don't believe Alabama is ready for the 21st century, we're going to need lots of help from people like you. And it starts right now.

Different kind of campaign? Not hardly. People taking notice? Oh yeah, we're taking notice. But not the kind he wants. Looks to me like Artur Davis is indeed going to let entrenched forces with tired old ideas tell him he can't change things. He certainly isn't listening to non-entrenched new forces tell him how and what what things need to be changed.

We know some of the insiders are grumbling. We know they feel threatened. But that doesn't bother Artur Davis.

After all, he's not running to represent the insiders -- he's running to represent you.

Together, we'll leave no stone unturned as we reach out to every single voter across the state and work to unlock Alabama's potential.

Really? He's running to represent ME? And he's going to reach out to every single voter and leave no stone unturned? Really?

It goes on to beg for my money about 4 times. The answer is NO YOU CAN'T Artur! You can't have my money or my vote. You pretend to 'reach out to the people' then just ignore what they say and continue with your own agenda, the people's ideas be damned. Until that changes you won't get my money or my vote. Do keep sending me the emails though. I find them very amusing.


sixstring said...

I unsubscribed to this guy's requests for money. That's what this was about to begin with. He cares nothing about the people's opinions. He thinks he's being smart trying use the internets to get a contributor/supporter base.

Don said...

I received the same or a similar e-mail from Jessica Vanden Berg, Artur Davis 2010 info@arturdavis2010.com.

It now seems apparent to me that the primary reason Davis asked for citizens to submit ideas to his campaign website was to compile a data base of email addresses his campaign can use to beg, beg, beg, (because that’s the substance of the email I received) for people to contribute money to his campaign.

Shame on Davis and his campaign!

Anonymous said...

Bill Johnson, an ex-member of the Missouri Libertarian Party is running for Governor of AL on a limited government platform. When Fox tried to "tar-and-feather" him with the Libertarian Party Platform's legalization of prostitution and drugs, he stated "Those are not the ideas I'm running on", but also stated that he is a compassionate conservative who believes on getting government out of people's lives.

At least he didn't put up a poll asking for people to demand he cover the issues, and then ignore them. It may be politician-speak, but it sounds to me like maybe he doesn't favor tyrannical invasion of people's lives. Time will tell.

Let's meet with this guy in private, and try to see if we can find out where he's coming from. If he's not a bad bastard, he'd be a good place to put dollars that could have gone to Artur Davis.

-Jake as Anon., (too lazy to sign in and risk crashing...)

Melanie Cady said...

NOT ONE PENNY to Artur Davis' campaign! The man is pathetic, requesting voters' suggestions for Alabama's top issues, then deleting the #1 & #2 issues voted upon... despicable! What a crawfish!

He cares NOTHING for the "people" of Alabama. He just wants a chance to get into their pockets. I'd rather have mine sewn shut!

Let's find another candidate who really will listen to the people.

Vape_1:29 said...

Artur Davis = "Translucency" in government?

  /trænsˈlusənt, trænz-/ [trans-loo-suhnt, tranz-]
1. permitting light to pass through
but diffusing it so that persons, objects, etc.,
on the opposite side are not clearly visible:
Frosted window glass is translucent but not transparent.