Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Passed my Math Test

Yesterday I took my first math test. I thought I was going to take it last week but had one more lesson to get through before I could take it. The last chapter had to do with order of operations, which many readers will find absolutely elementary. I, however, found it a tad bit confusing and complicated. It did not help that my video teacher for that lesson in Blues Clues Math was a fucking Drill Sargent. Not kidding. Usually it is some fool dressed up like Einstein or Bill Nye the Science Guy...but on the most difficult lesson I have done to date it was a damn Drill Sargent yelling at me, the private, about Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally. Operation PEMDAS it was called. It was horrible. I didn't enlist in the fucking military I enrolled in college. I don't learn well when I am being yelled at and I hate authority figures, even if they are fake ones in an elementary school math program. WTF?

Anyway the Drill Sargent pissed me off so bad that I failed the quiz part of that chapter three times before I finally passed it and was able to move on to the actual test. And, despite this shitty little math program I am proud to announce I made an 88! I would have made a 100 but made a few simple mistakes. I'm really, really bad to transpose numbers when I am writing down math problems. It's almost like I have math dyslexia. Despite making such a good grade on the test I am far, far behind in math class and will have to spend extra time in there every day that the lab is open if I want to finish this course before the end of the term in late July. God I hate math....have I mentioned that?

Not too much more going on right now. All the animals are still good. No one has eaten anyone else and it is not uncommon to find the chickens and the cats curled up together on the steps at any given time during the day. The geese have been renamed 'The Goon Squad' as they patrol the yard and alert everyone to any possible danger. They are so pretty...solid white with bright blue eyes.

I have about decided to get rid of Sadie. She is just not fitting into our life real well. She has some issues. She is a really sweet dog when it comes to humans but lacks a great deal when it comes to other dogs. She drives Saul crazy. She is constantly aggravating and harassing him. I can never get a second to give him his usual amount of affection because she is always in the middle of it. Saul seems sad and that breaks my heart. I want things to be like they were before I got her. The only way to get there is to get rid of her. If any of my readers are interested in Sadie please email me or comment on this post. I'm asking $100 for Sadie and her huge wire crate. I've invested a great deal more in her so you are getting a hell of a deal. She is full blooded but has no papers. She can be registered if you get a vet to perform a DNA test to confirm her pedigree.

She will not be a good candidate for breeding because of her 'other dog aggression'. If you already have a dog then don't bother taking Sadie. It probably won't work out real well. If you take her then you must have a secure place to keep her. She can climb a fence in 2 seconds flat so a fence must either have a top on it or be so high that there is no way she can make it over. I will also require a vet reference. I don't want her to go to anyone who cannot afford to provide her with the proper care. I know it doesn't sound like I am really trying to get rid of her but I won't lie about her disposition and issues. It would be wrong to do that just to get her out of my hair. I want her next home to be her forever home. She is still young enough to bond with new owners but if I were less than honest about her then chances are whoever got her wouldn't keep her long and a German Shepherd who is shuffled around from house to house never does well. They form very strong attachments to their owners and suffer greatly when major change comes their way. So, if you are interested make sure you can provide me with a vet reference, you have a fenced yard, you have the means to provide her proper care, you don't have another dog, you understand that she has 'other dog aggression' issues, is not house broken (she's really an outside dog) and needs a home that can provide her with tons of love, affection and discipline. She will make a wonderful companion for anyone who can provide those basic things for her.


Knight said...

Great Job! That is a really good grade.

I hate to hear you have to get rid of your dog though, maybe someone who doesn't have other pets will be in touch though, and give her a good home.

Keep up the good work, you will do just fine in college. You are a smart lady, things will work out for you. God Bless

ellyodd said...

Number dyslexia is real. Come join us at for support :)