Thursday, June 25, 2009

We Won't Be Ignored

Last week the Artur Davis for Governor campaign opened up their website to solicit ideas from the public about how to move Alabama forward. I submitted ending marijuana prohibition as a way to ease prison overcrowding, as a new source of revenue for our struggling state, and as a means of new job creation.

Out of 80 ideas this idea was voted to the #1 slot with 118 votes and 88% of those votes were in favor of legalization. The second most popular idea was legalizing hemp for food, fuel and fiber. It received 68 votes. Coming in third with 53 votes was rewriting the Alabama Constitution.

Despite my issue being the top vote getter no mention of it was made in Artur Davis's video response to the ideas released a few minutes ago. Here is what he said about the ideas in case you don't want to watch the video.

Our online community produced a lot of worthwhile ideas. Some of the leading choices included reforming Alabama's outdated 1901 constitution, reforming our education system, making our tax structure less regressive, connecting our state through mass transit, and creating an environmental agency with real teeth.

Now, its time to make him acknowledge our idea. We aren't going to be ignored in the political arena any longer. Politicians must be made to address this issue, especially when they solicited it and it was ranked the top idea on their site. We CAN VOTE and we HAVE MONEY. If anyone would like our votes and money then we need to make them state clearly what they will do to end marijuana prohibition.

Don't let Artur Davis get away with ignoring this issue!!

Send his campaign an email asking why our issue is being ignored. Point out all the positive things that would come from legalizing marijuana. New source of revenue for our cash starved state. New jobs when we are facing the worst unemployment rates in 25 years. Easing prison overcrowding and saving tens of millions of dollars that we spend to arrest, prosecute and incarcerate peaceful citizens for ingesting a natural plant. Point out that we should be allowed to pay tax thereby enriching the state and its citizens instead of our money going to violent drug cartels.

Get busy typing.

And please post your emails here in the comments section when you are done.


Nick said...

It seems to be a common theme among politicians to ask for ideas then ignore the suggestions

Anonymous said...

Common theme among humanity, my friend.

That _is_ kinda shitty of Artur Davis, though. Guess my vote will be going elsewhere. Oh well.

Unknown said...


I am a former constituent of Congressman Davis, having recently moved to Birmingham from Tuscaloosa. I voted for Congressman Davis in the last election, and I would most likely vote for him in the upcoming primary and election.

However, Artur Davis has chosen to ignore an issue in which his potential constituents have clearly expressed an interest: decriminalization/legalization of marijuana. The arguments in favor of legalization have clearly and succinctly been made by others more informed than I, so I will refrain from repeating them here. The fact remains, however, that the issue was voted to the top on Davis' campaign website, and he has completely ignored the matter.

I have disagreed with Congressman Davis over some matters in the past (in particular, the telcom immunity bill) but would support his campaign for the office of Governor. Seeing as Davis has ignored a matter of great importance to voters, I must reconsider my support of his campaign.


(my name)

Anonymous said...

I'm on my fourth possession offense and I've never have to do my mandatory year and a day......., Troy King is not touch on crime....but he is for extortion and ignoring ALABAMA LAW.....flood the county and city jails they will change the your time

Anonymous said...

If Artur Davis were to come out publicly in favor of legalization (or decriminalization) his opponents would jump all over it. They would blow it all out of proportion. TV commercials would show passed out junkies laying in dirty alleyways. They would show footage of victims of the Mexican drug wars. And the voters of this oh so Red state would eat it up. It would be wise of Mr. Davis to distance himself from this topic until after he is in office. He should stick to the economy, jobs and education and then take on other issues after he is elected.

Loretta Nall said...

Anon #2...So why doesn't Davis just say "No I will not consider legalizing marijuana to create new jobs, as a new source of tax revenue for the state and to ease prison overcrowding?" Are we just supposed to 'have faith' that he will do this should he be elected?

I certainly don't trust him or any other candidate to say anything about it after they are elected. All they seem to be interested in after being elected is getting elected again in four years, so nothing controversial in the first term. In the second term they are not accountable to anyone because they can't run again.

Letting politicians get away with this nonsense is what got us into this mess.

Why ask for ideas form the public then completely ignore the two most popular ideas?

Him refusing to answer because of what his opponents might do is politics as usual, even though in his video response he said that isn't the way he is going to run his campaign. Sure looks like that is the way he is going to run his campaign to me.

I've sent out media alerts to all major papers in Alabama as well as LTE's. Artur better say something, even if it isn't what I want to hear, or I will hound him all the way to election day.

Dale Jackson said...

"We Won't Be Ignored"

Unfortunately you will, if he asks for your input he should at least address it.

Where is the local media on this stuff?

Loretta Nall said...


I've sent out letters to the editor to all of Alabama's major newspapers and had my group do so as well. They will take a few days to show up. Also, the Talladega Daily Home is doing an anchor article on the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana that is due to be published Sunday. I've alerted them to this little Davis nugget of information as well as provided to PRO side of legalization for the article. I've also just sent out Davis's lack of response to all of my media contacts in the state. Hopefully he won't be able to ignore it for long.

It's absurd with all the tens of millions of dollars that could be saved in the prison budget, the jobs that could be created and the tax revenue raised to continue to treat this issue like it's leprosy. The economic crisis calls for an open and honest debate. Are Alabamians really going to continue spending tens of millions of dollars per year that we do not have just to keep people from smoking pot?

The level of stupidity and willful ignorance in this state never ceases to amaze me.

sixstring said...


It's a shame the only choices we have are these hypocrites. While I don't agree all of his opinions, Ron Paul seems to be one of the only ones willing to stand up for individual liberty. Webb from VA is another. While we certainly have our share of stupidity and ignorance, Alabama has no monopoly on these or the drug war would not still be going on virtually worldwide.