Friday, July 10, 2009

"I'm never having kids"

Yesterday we had the rare experience of watching a cat give birth to a kitten. While some folks might find that gross, I found it fascinating to watch. I knew the cat was due soon but didn't know it would be yesterday. She was acting weird in the morning. Meowing really loudly and trying to get me to follow her to wherever her cozy nest was.

About noon I looked out the back door and saw her laying there with the other kittens. She was breathing hard and looked like she couldn't get comfortable. Then she started bearing down and I saw a little bit of kitten emerge. It was coming out feet first with its claws extended. OUCH!

I called my daughter Bell so that she could watch this natural wonder. We sat by mama cat, rubbed her tummy and watched as bit by bit the little kitty was born. When it was time for the head to come out mama cat was yowling pretty loud and pushing like any human mother to give birth. Finally the baby was born and mama cat ate the placenta like cats are supposed to do.

I asked Bell what she thought after watching that and she said, "I've always said I am never having kids and now, seriously, I know I am never having kids." I told her, "You don't have to eat the placenta." She said, "I don't care I'm still never having kids."


sixstring said...

Perhaps this experience should be madantory for teenagers. It might cut down on unwanted pregnancies and thereby abortions.

Loretta Nall said...

Agreed sixstring. If teens could see what a human woman or female mammal goes through to bring life into this world they'd think twice about having unprotected sex. I'm glad my daughter was properly horrified by the experience.