Thursday, July 16, 2009

Jeff. Co. Commission to keep Money from Sheriff's Budget

Jefferson County Circuit Court Judge Joseph Boohaker says he can't legally make the Jeff. Co. Commission give back the $5.1 million it cut from the Sheriff's budget.

The Sheriff Mike Hale has been in the BHAM News every day since the budget cut screaming


I hope this situation will emphasize that neither the sheriff nor any law enforcement entity needs to be involved in the issue of drug use to begin with. It isn't an issue that can be managed through the arbitrary use of law enforcement.

We've been at this for many decades now and we have only gotten a negative return on our investment in the drug war. More people use drugs every year, so locking up otherwise law abiding adults who have harmed no one, other than perhaps themselves, hasn't stopped other people from trying and using drugs. Locking up adults who use responsibly hasn't stopped kids from getting and using drugs. Generally they can get them easier than adults can. Locking up adults who use responsibly hasn't stopped the flow of drugs into this country, hasn't reduced prohibition related crime or made neighborhoods any safer.

So, why do we keep doing it? And why is the repeated failure of law enforcement to address this issue in any positive way used as a justification for more funding, or in this case used as justification for continued funding? And what is it about drugs that cause the uneducated (about drugs) to absolutely lose their minds and become completely unable to discuss the issue in a rational, sane way? No matter how many times you show them the facts which show that the drug war isn't working they get apoplectic with anger and fear.

UPDATE: While ABC3340 reported that the judge ruled he couldn't make the commission give the money back to the sheriff the BHAM News is reporting just the opposite. I wonder which report is actually the judges ruling?

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Unknown said...

Loretta, I can answer your question of why? They continue to fight illegal drugs so they can make money. It's all about the Benjamins...

Law enforcement themselves are behind most of which is on our streets and that is what they want. It's there, it's illegal, and we can take them to jail for it$$, they go to court$$, and regardless of what you do you are going to be color coded through our lovely judicial system$$. They are all in together on this. As long as drugs are illegal and on our streets they make money. In fact if you see a helicopter or crop duster flying over your home be sure to check around your yard for any new growing plants. I would not ever put it past them not to do this. They are all crooked...