Monday, July 27, 2009

More thoughts on the State House Drug Dealer

The more I think about the State House Drug Dealer story the stranger it gets.

When, in the entire history of Alabama, has a black man simply said "It's not mine" when caught with weed and gotten away with it? Never! And he was caught on video camera and we all know that video cameras don't lie. Lorenza Hooks even admitted the bag was his.

Who in the Alabama State House has the power to keep those files related to the marijuana out of his personnel file?

Who in the Alabama State House has the power to make the ABI come to the conclusion that there wasn't enough evidence to charge Mr. Hooks even though he was caught on video and admitted the bag containing the marijuana, scales and baggies was his?

Who in the Alabama State House has the power to make a grand jury return a 'no bill' in a shooting case where the victim identified Mr. Hooks as one of the shooters?

Will there be another investigation? If so, who will carry it out? Troy King? Oh please NO...he couldn't investigate his own asshole with a flash light and a mirror. I wouldn't trust the ABI to conduct another investigation considering the first conclusion they came to. Who does that leave? State Police? Would it be enough to get the feds involved? Seems to me since Rep. Alvin Holmes said his life was threatened that would be enough for federal involvement. About the only ones far enough removed from the good ole boy network in Montgomery to conduct an independent investigation would be the FBI.

This thing is HUGE y'all. HUGE! Call me a conspiracy theorist if you want but by the time this is over some big names in Alabama politics are going to take a very hard fall.


Nick said...

Well Loretta, if big names roles, someone considered independent has to investigate first. If the FBI doesn't, then the political network in Alabama will simply get away with this. At least you have peace of mind that if you ever became Governor of Alabama, you'd be able to smoke pot without penalty :P

Inventory Clear Out said...

I agree with you Nick. you think right.

Melton Rogers said...

Although I disagree with you 90% of the time, I don't think you to be stuipd which makes me wonder why you have missed this. The ONLY reason people don't get charged when they are caught on tape is because they are work with the cops.

1. They are rolling
2. They are an informant.
The only question now would be which one.

Loretta Nall said...

You're right Melton that would explain a lot...I can't believe I didn't think of that.

Nick said...

Still doesn't rule out the possibility of drug use by members of the legislature or their employees. But certainly either explanation could explain why this particular guy got off easy. I'm still wondering who this guy was supplying having two pounds of pot on him. That seems like a risky thing to do in the halls of the legislature itself.

Don said...

Loretta asked who in the Alabama House of Representatives has the power to do several things related to this issue being covered up.

Three names immediately came to my mind: House Clerk Greg Pappas, House Speaker Seth Hammett, and Representative Ken Guin, Hammett’s right-hand man in the HOR. I may be wrong, but if I were investigating this matter I’d start by grilling those three.

Don said...

Following up on my prior comment:
I just read an entryt on Dale Jacksons blog titled “Show notes 7/28: Pot "angers" legislators, so what will they do? Congress: Obama born in Hawaii...” @ that that contains information about House Clerk Greg Pappas. Check it out.