Monday, August 17, 2009

Back to School

The Fall term at Central Alabama Community College starts today and I am taking a full load. Actually, it is a bit more than a full load as I am taking 14 hours instead of the customary 12. This term I have the following courses.

Art Appreciation (ugh!)
Human Anatomy & Physiology
Micro Computer Applications (probably dropping that one because it is in the evening)
Fundamentals of Oral Communication

I plan to try and swap the art class for an English 101, and the Micro Computer class for another math or a psychology. I didn't get the classes I wanted and if I can't change my schedule it will be at least two more terms before I have all the prerequisites to get into nursing school. If I have to wait that long I'll probably go ahead and get an RN license as I will have enough credits.


Nick said...

Good luck with everything! I'm taking 14 credits this semester as well (which starts next Monday). I'm taking Calculus II, Intro to Atmospheric Science, General Physics I and Physics Lab. Busy busy! I wanted to take first-year Spanish II, but that would've taken me to 19 credits and I need to get a part-time job on top school, so i'll have to continue Spanish some other time. I may just practice on my own on weekends or something :P

Nicjor79 said...

Good luck! I'm starting college myself tomorrow (grad school art history at UAB). I've been away from school for seven years and I can't wait to re-enter the academic community.

And hey, I may be biased, but you should definitely reconsider dropping Art Appreciation. I took it at Montevallo (twelve years ago!) and I still think it was one of the best classes I've ever taken. It might have been what persuaded me toward my current chosen field.

Jay Croft said...

I agree with Nicjor. Art appreciation can be fun, and very informative. Art is at least partly a product of the era the artist lives in, so you can trace history and culture through art.

I honed my appreciation while living in NYC and DC, which are, of course, great museum towns. Whenever I go to another city I try to schedule time at the local museum.

Try it without prejudice. I think you'll like it!