Friday, August 14, 2009

Other Georgia Lawmakers/Children Who Have Smoked Pot

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In light of yesterday's disturbing email exchange between Rep. Tommy Benton (GA 31st Dist.) and one of his constituents I thought it might be fun to see who all would be caned in Georgia should any such ridiculous law be passed.

Let's start at the top.

Newt Gingrich would be caned
. (Truthfully I'd kinda like to see that)

“Smoking marijuana was a sign we were alive and in graduate school in that era."
Former US Representative Newt Gingrich admitting that he smoked marijuana when he was in college.
Source: Hilary Stout, Wall Street Journal; 8/8/96
Nov. 7, 1987: GOP Rep. Newt Gingrich admits he tried marijuana “once at a party.”
Source: Political Nation, Dodging the Drug Question. David Phinney. Aug. 19, 2001. Online. Available: Accessed: 10/24/02.)

Rep. Paul Broun, and his son, Paul Collins Broun III would be caned .The elder Broun admitted smoking marijuana in the past and his son was busted for possession recently. Whoever sold them the marijuana would be executed. Let's hope we never find out who that was. Rep. Broun is a colleague of Rep. Tommy Benton, the fine Southern gentleman, who is calling for caning and executing peaceful marijuana consumers and marijuana business people.

Hey Georgia folks....what other elected officials kids have been busted for pot?


Nick said...

lol Georgia. I haven't been there since I went to Atlanta in 1996. Luckily I hadn't smoked pot yet, so now caning for me haha.

Has that politician not yet said he was joking? With all our luck, he probably goes home and smokes pot every night after work...if his law were to pass, i'd hope he'd break his own law!

Nicjor79 said...

Tommy Benton needs to develop a sense of empathy. Honestly, how many people in Georgia can honestly say they haven't smoked it?

And with all fairness, punishments such as caning, chopping hands off, crucifixion, and cutting in half with a rusty saw have been effective deterrents in other cultures. But here in American we do have that Eighth Amendment thing hanging over our heads.

Nick said...

Yeah, that pesky Bill of Rights is always getting in the way of innovative punishments :P