Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Troy King as Forrest Gump

Finally some action in the Attorney General race.

Luther Strange said:
Attorney General Troy King should reimburse the state for any tax money spent on private lawyers to represent his office in a federal grand jury investigation.

Troy King responded:
"My father always told me you never make yourself any bigger by tearing another man down."

Good grief TK this is politics...all y'all do is tear each other down in order to distract the public from the very real problems we have and to keep from having to address those problems.

This is going to be a fun race. I can't wait to see Troy get stomped! I see helium-filled sex pigs in Troy King's campaign trail future.


Nicjor79 said...

Can that man open his mouth without making a fool of himself?

Lord Alberonn I said...

Loretta, are you planning on getting a tank of helium and some pigs? LOL I'd like to see the photos/video of his reaction as he campaigns only to see Trixie clones everywhere. LOL

Anonymous said...

I love How Troy's lawyers at Bradley, Arant are getting $300 hr from the state when Troy fought to keep indigent defense pay at 45 and 65 per hour.