Saturday, August 08, 2009

We're paying Troy King's Legal Bills??

What's wrong with this picture?

Alabama AG Troy King OK'd to spend more on attorneys to help respond to federal subpoena

MONTGOMERY -- An Alabama legislative committee has given state Attorney General Troy King approval to spend up to $100,000 on private attorneys to help his office respond to a subpoena from a federal grand jury.

The Legislature's Contract Review Committee initially approved $40,000 for the Birmingham law firm of Bradley Arant Boult Cummings last month. It increased the amount to $100,000 on Thursday.

So, Troy Boy lands in some trouble with the Feds. No one will say what that trouble is. And the citizen's of Alabama are stuck with the bill for defending him?

When regular citizens get into trouble with the law they have to PAY THEIR OWN LEGAL BILLS. Why is that not the case in this situation? Is it really fair that King can screw up and have the citizens foot his legal bills for him? Hell, forget fair...that isn't even sane.

Please vote know I am out of words to describe him....OUT OF OFFICE in 2010.

PS..Our partner in crime JD Crowe is hinting that he will grace us with another masterful Troy King/Pig toon in Sunday's Press-Register.


Bill Long said...

You could describe him as "total embarrassment to all Alabamians." I am amazed that he has held on to the AG post this long. He stands out even among the politicians of our state as one notoriously hot-headed, self-righeous, incompetent boob.

Nicjor79 said...

It would be a little less foreboding if we knew what kind of trouble he's in.

Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

Loretta, I'm glad you posted on this. I think I'm going to post a link on my site to come to yours and read this. It's utterly disgraceful what Troy King is doing to this state. He gets too many free bees. You are so right about us having to pay our OWN legal bills...TROY KING...READ MY are a disgrace to Alabama...good riddance!! I'm putting him on my list along with Judge Sibley Reynolds, and Autauga County Sheriff Herbie Johnson to WORK ON GETTING THEM OUT OF OFFICE. All three neglect their offices and ALL THREE NEED TO GO!!

Anonymous said...

Alas, yet another example of the reprehensible and irresponsible actions of our state's top "law enforcement" officer. The thing that really gets me is the hypocrisy of it all. Here is a guy who campaigns as a "conservative," and then he goes off hiring private lawyers with our tax dollars, all to clear his name of a criminal charge. The sad thing is that this is just all part of a larger pattern. I've heard that Joe Mays is on the team. He works for Bradley, the firm that is representing the AG in this case, and he also happens to work for Bradley's BAR PAC which gave Troy King $14,000 in campaign contributions in the past election, and I hear they have given him about $5,000 for his re-election in 2010.

I can't wait for the day when this man is hopefully behind bars, but at least out of office. We don't need an AG who can be bought out while rewarding his connected friends with our tax dollars.