Thursday, August 20, 2009

What Luck!

Yesterday I wanted to drop a class I didn't need and try to pick up one I needed. Most of the classes I needed were full before I registered, so I had to fill my schedule with other stuff in order to attend full time. The class I wanted to drop was a computer class taught in the evening...and I did not want to be in class until 8 pm. I wanted to either drop it and pick up English 101 or Psychology and, if that wasn't possible, I wanted to at least try and take the computer course online.

Well wonder of wonders...not only did I get to drop the computer class and pick up English 101, I found out the instructor is the same one I had for the Summer term. She wasn't supposed to be teaching a 101 this term but as luck would have it she is. She is a wonderful instructor and I am thrilled to be having her again.

Classes have gone well this week. I love the speech class. The instructor of that class is also very good. And he is an Agnostic to boot! Next Monday all students have to do a three minute introductory speech about who they are and what their background is. I'm really looking forward to that. I've always enjoyed public speaking.

Biology class is a different matter altogether. That stuff is challenging! It's like learning a whole new language and the complicated mechanisms of an incredibly complex machine all at the same time. And the instructor flies through it. I get the feeling this class will be one of rote memorization and hours and hours and hours spent with my nose in my notes. I also have to dissect a cat, which I am not really looking forward to. I love kitties. I have no interest in knowing what they look like on the inside though.


Nick said...

Yeah, chemistry is the same way. It's like learning a new language and the teachers always fly through it and even the teacher will say brute-force memorization is needed. lol good luck!

Lord Alberonn I said...

I've signed up for my Fall term classes at my new school. However we don't start until late September. Clatsop doesn't have the engineering classes I need to properly set my self up for getting my transfer degree so I can go to Oregon State University. However, I have not been able to move yet so I can attend my classes in person at Chemeketa this term. I've had to sign up for all online classes. I hope to have enough leftover tuition to move in the middle of this term. Luckily, Chemeketa has a huge selection of online classes that several other colleges in this state use as well. The only thing I'm missing out on this term is a math class.

I'm Taking:

PSY 100 - Introduction to Psychology
HPE 295 - Health and Fitness for Life
WR 122 - English Composition-Logic & Style
Eng 104 - Introduction to Fiction

I enjoyed the speech class I took last spring term. We had to do three big speeches during the term. My first one was an informative speech on Deism. It was well recieved and I was able to deliver it without ripping too much into Christanity. I also did an argumentive speech supporting gay marrage and a persuasive speech on universial health care. I didn't want to shy away from contorversial topics and enjoyed the challenge of supporting my viewpoint while keeping the tone civil.

Our speech teacher wouldn't let us do a speech on legalizing cannabis since people had done that topic to death in his class awhile back. LOL However I believe he was not against legalization. Too bad though, I would of had fun with that topic.

Learning about how complex life is--from reading my wife's A&P books--reinforced my belief that there is a creator. If you ever decide that there is a creator out there, you may want to look into Deism. You might find that it is compatiable with your own beliefs.

Nicjor79 said...

I had a speech teacher who was a Mormon... and he would try to convert anyone who came to see him during his office hours. That was a piece of work.

Also, if you don't want to dissect you actually have the right to refuse in most states. Not too sure about Alabama though- although I was always able to get out of it.