Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Do What?

I read the following sentences in my local newspaper this morning in a story about the traffic blitz (fleecing of the public)going on right now.

“It’s a stepped up effort to educate and inform the traffic laws,” Capt. William Kennedy said. “I can tell that it does have an impact on their driving behavior.”

How does one go about educating and informing the traffic laws? Do traffic laws drive? Do they have driving behavior?

Sadly, police officers who lack even rudimentary communications skills are abundant in Alabama. But, hell, why do cops need communications skills when they can just point a gun at you and order you to obey their authoritah? Still, it would be very nice if they were coherent and could string together a proper sentence.


sixstring said...

No one is misinformed or uneducated about speeding or DUI. It's ridiculous even if you correct the english. Increased enforcement is not education.

It seems the only qualification needed to be a cop is experience kicking down doors in Iraq. If we had better trained, more educated, more professional police, maybe they would show up looking to see they can help not who they can arrest.

Lord Alberonn I said...

OK, I'm fine when they take intoxicated drivers off of the road. I don't think there's any arguement there. It's one of the things cops SHOULD be doing anyway.

However I think that "Traffic Blitz" is the wrong name--this would more correctly be called a "Fund Raiser" for the goverment.

While they hype pulling over drunk drivers, they're also targeting speeders--those guys should slow down anyway--and more disturbing, people for "other offences." What are these other offences? Does this mean random searches of vehicles with drug dogs trained to false alert? Does this mean having cops go over everything looking for at least something to ticket you for or worse, send you to jail over? This is where the potential for abuse opens up.