Thursday, September 10, 2009

Morning Joe on MSNBC

Joe Scarborough, who is the main anchor on MSNBC's Morning Joe, drives me ABSOLUTELY BATSHIT CRAZY!!!! I don't know how many of you watch this show early in the morning, but those of you that have watched it or do watch it will know exactly what I am talking about.

Why can't Joe shut up when it's Mika's turn to talk? He'll ask her a question and then talk over her while she is attempting to answer. She can be introducing the next segment or talking with a guest and there's Joe running his yap so you can't understand anything anyone is saying.

Sometimes Mika looks at him like she wants to whack him, and frankly I don't see how she refrains from it. If I were the co-anchor sitting in that chair beside Joe and he started blabbing when it was my turn to talk or while I was talking to a guest, I would stuff his damn tie down his throat. Or even better...rig his chair up to a shocking device and zap his rude ass whenever he cut me off.

I don't get show formats where things like this go on. News and talk shows on FOX are the worst for this kind of behavior. O'Reilly screams his guests down and cuts their mic's when he doesn't like what they have to say. When Hannity and Colmes were still doing a show together it was the same way. One would ask the guest a question and then both would proceed to answer the question over the guest who was trying to answer it. I know because I was on the show. I didn't participate in their little game though. They'd ask me a question, then they would holler at each other about the answer, and when they were done, I would answer it. I got hundreds of emails from viewers thanking me for not jumping in their verbal fray and waiting until they were done so viewers could hear what I was saying.

I guess my point is why have guests or co-hosts when you do not intend to let them participate? Another question would be why do so many people watch shows done in that format? I'm not a regular viewer of any morning news shows (except watching Tim Lennox anchor the CBS 8 Morning News ) which comes on it 2 minutes.


sixstring said...

What, you don't watch Fox and friends?
Scarborough has superiority complex as do many of these talking heads. Mika does not have the intelligence of her father.

Don said...

If you had been writing about the Morris/Montiel Viewpoint talk radio program from Montgomery on 107.9FM weekday mornings you could have written much of the same things about mics (or phone callers in the case) being rudely disconnected in mid sentence and the hosts talking over the callers.