Wednesday, September 16, 2009

SGA Update

Today was the first Student Government Association Meeting at central Alabama Community College. The entire group, with the exception of myself and my husband, appear to be members of the golf team and cheer leading squad. The SGA sponsor is the golf coach.

At this meeting nominations were made for officer positions. For some strange reason the President position is already filled even though no one got to vote on it. My speech teacher asked about that and someone in speech class said that the person was Vice President last year and automatically moved into the President slot. That's not very democratic if you ask me...but, oh well.

The Vice President position was still open so I nominated myself for that. I have one opponent who also nominated herself. I don't know how the elections take place. Either the SGA members vote on it or the entire student body votes on it. I have asked for clarification and hope to have some soon.

Tomorrow is Constitution Day and we were asked to volunteer for one of the following duties.

1) Lead the Pledge of Allegiance.....No thanks
2) Lead a prayer.....No Thanks
3) Sing God Bless America....No Thanks
4) Read aloud a description of what Constitution Day is....Now we're talking

When I volunteered to read the description the President suggested I read the one sent out with the original email announcing the celebration. The coach who sponsors it asked me, "Are you the lady who sent me the email about Constitution Day?"

"Yes, that was me...sorry if I came across as a bit harsh."

Coach: "No, don't apologize I was actually proud of you."

Then he announces to the president and the rest of the attendees that they need not worry about me because I am well versed on the subject, know exactly what I am talking about and that I could read whatever I wanted to describe Constitution Day.

That was pretty cool.

So, tomorrow at 12:35 I will be gathered around the flagpole with my fellow members of the SGA and I will educate them about what Constitution Day is. I also ordered 50 pocket Constitutions and tonight I plan to write on the inside of every front cover...


I hope I get elected. If I do the very first thing I will do is set up a book swap. We need a little free market competiton because the bookstore prices are OUTRAGEOUS!!! Plus they ripped me off for $223. I bought one book but then dropped the class and returned the book the next day. Instead of refunding my money the goobers charged me twice for the same book. Now I am having to fight with them to get it back.

I'll keep y'all posted on how the SGA elections work. The election is October 7th. Wish me luck!


sixstring said...

What kind of excercise in democracy is this SGA? The president is not elected but chosen. The sponsor can override the president and decide without discussion or procedure, what will be read. What authority does this SGA have?

Loretta Nall said...

I don't know sixstring. Today was the first meeting and I had to leave early because I had to give a speech in speech class. There is absolutely no information about the bylaws or anything else on the CACC SGA anywhere. Not in print. Not online.

I will get to the bottom of it.

John Little said...

separaton of powers... separate but co-equal... those are my favorite issues in the main body of the constitution.

sixstring said...

You can start a book swap without being elected to the SGA. I suppose having the SGA sanction it might lend some legitimacy, but I'm not convinced the SGA has legitmacy or clout with the students yet.