Saturday, September 26, 2009

Vote for SNOOT in the cutest dog contest

I've entered my dog Saul (Mr. Snoot) in the cutest dog contest which is a charity event for those affected by Hurricane Katrina. Here is the picture I used.

Please go to THIS LINK and vote for Snoot to win week 8 of the Cutest Dog Competition


TheEvilOne said...

Loretta, what happened to Saul? I thought Saul was your dog.

Sorry I cannot vote for Snoop as I have already been persuaded by another blog to vote for Little Bitsi.

Actually I think my dog Rexx is actually the cutest, nicest and most intelligent dog in the world.

Loretta Nall said...

TheEvilOne....Snoot and Saul are the same dog. The name on the AKC registration papers is Saul and his common name that we call him is Snoot....Unless I am pissed at him than it's Saul Nall :)

I think we all think that about our dogs too. You should enter Rexx in the contest.