Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another outrageous bond in Clay County

Clay Times Journal

A young man was arrested last week in Lineville, Al, which is located in Clay County. According to the newspaper...

The officers found a small amount of what they believed to be marijuana packaged in separate bags, apparently so it could be sold.

Mr. Torey Lasean Sterling was charged with two counts of distribution of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana 1st, and possession of drug paraphernalia.
He was transported to Clay County jail where he is currently being held under a total bond of $121,000.00.

$121,000 for a little bit of weed? Compare that ungodly high bond to what John Alexander Rochester received for trafficking 32 grams of crack and powder cocaine, a gallon bag of marijuana, 5 sandwich baggies of marijuana, 26 xanax pills, 8 klonopin pills and 1100 extacy pills.

John Alexander Rochester's Bonds

Charge - Trafficking of Methyl Amphetamine - Bond $20,000, Class C Felony

Charge - possession of drug paraphernalia - Bond $5,000, Class A Misdemeanor

Charge - distribution of a controlled substance - Bond $15,000, Class B Felony
(the other two people charged with this crime had bonds of $30,000 and $100,000)

Charge - possession of a controlled substance - Bond $15,000, Class C Felony
This fine is only half or less of what other defendants charged with the same offense had to pay. Why were others charged double or more?

Charge - 1st degree possession of marijuana - Bond $10,000, Class C Felony

Charge - trafficking cocaine - Bond $20,000. Class A Felony

Clay County Alabama needs to be investigated by the federal government! I'll pull the case file on the Sterling kid and see if Judge George C. Simpson or Judge John E. Rochester set the bond that high. I'll also try and make contact with the family so that they are aware of how badly they are being screwed by the Clay County judicial system. Maybe they can use the "Rochester defense" to get this kid the same treatment that Alex Rochester got.


trizzybob said...

go get'em does one pull case fle or docket thingies and what does that cost. I would love to know what happened to those people on my second trial date, the date when the prosicutor(sp?) don't show up but none of those people were at my three trial date. I suspect they were all dismissed and charged court cost just because the judge could away with such criminal activity

Loretta Nall said...

Hey trizzybob,

You should be able to go to the courthouse where the proceedings happened and get a copy of of the case file you want. You may have to pay a little bit for copying and such but it shouldn't be too much.

Purple Monkey said...

loretta, you go girl! How did your SGA elections go? i hope you won.

Anonymous said...

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