Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Clarification on the Alex Rochester case

I've had a couple of emails and one comment asking me why I am advocating for Alex Rochester to go to prison for drug trafficking.

I am not advocating for anyone to go to prison.

I've said all along that I don't think anyone should be in jail/prison for any non-violent drug offense. I've said it in blog posts, radio interviews and in that news article in the Anniston Star although it didn't make it into the final printed version.

What I want to make the judge answer to is why prison is perfectly all right for the children of the 'peasants' but not for the children of 'royalty'. I want the judge to be made to answer why his son wasn't charged with interstate drug trafficking when anyone else would have been. Why his son wasn't subjected to the mandatory minimums like anyone else would have been. Why asset forfeiture wasn't used against his son when anyone else would have lost everything that they own. I want the DA and the judge who presided over this case to tell us how many other people charged with similar crimes, who weren't related to a judge, received such a sweetheart deal. I think the public has a right to know the answers to those questions. We pay these mother fuckers $150,000 a year to sit in judgment of us and we are no doubt getting the short end of that stick. It's time to stop that.

I don't think prison is the place for any non-violent drug offender but I do feel that if everyone else can't be released and placed on probation and sent to a posh treatment center like Alex Rochester then Alex Rochester should join them in an inhumane, dangerous, violent, overcrowded Alabama prison.

My job here is to afflict the comfortable. The only real way to afflict them and make them feel the pain of the thousands of families they have helped to further destroy is by asking those questions. And making them answer them.

In essence I am not trying to punish the boy....I am trying to punish the fucked up Alabama judicial system by exposing them for what they are. Unfair, racist, holier-than-thou-and-my-shit-smells-better-than-yours-too bastards. I want to make them realize in a very public way how prison isn't the place for anyone for a non-violent drug offense. Call me vindictive...but I think they need a taste of their own medicine. Its the only way they learn.

Ain't karma a bitch?


C-bo said...

I think that anyone with half a brain can figure out what happened here.

Judge Rochester made a few phone calls and called out a few "I owe you ones" Let's not forget, that's "his" DA. One Scratching the other's back and all that "Good ole boy" stuff. That corruption obviously also has ties in the local media.

Loretta, I for one and very happy that you will stand up and shed light on things that the local media keeps hush-hush.

Anonymous said...

I looked for "The Arbor" in Mississippi, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Please get your facts straight and get back to me. You are misinformed, and this story is an oxymoron. "I don't want people to go to jail for non-violent crimes except for one." Oh and you don't have the power to "make" anyone do anything. I think that you think you are on the cusp of a breakthrough, but you are running out of rope. No one except for you and some hippies care what happens, and they aren't going to make a movie about your bullshit story. I look at this site and learn what not to do in life. Thanks. I will never visit this site again.

Anonymous said...

I posted before and don't bother responding, I just wanted to say what I had to say. Goodbye

Loretta Nall said...

anon...It isn't my fault that you are unable to conduct a proper internet search. Nor is it my fault that you lack reading comprehension skills. What I am saying is very easy to comprehend. No one else seems to be having a problem understanding what is going on in the Rochester case or what my take on it is.

Hippies? Movies? Really?

I'd wager that the only time you ever visited this site was to read about the Rochester case and, since you didn't like what you read, (truth hurt's don't it?) you'd have no reason to come back. That's a shame as your comments provide a super-clear window for my readers to peek into the psyche of the 'privileged and connected' among us.

Loretta Nall said...

anon...I thought you weren't coming back?

Anonymous said...

Maybe one day the peopel in this country will learn you cant legislate morality. But for now i guess we will have to keep suffering through daily injustices like this case. I wish we could learn a few things from the netherlands. their drug policy has allowed for the closing of 8 prisons there this year Due to a lack of crimes being committed [http://www.opposingviews.com/articles/news-drug-friendly-netherlands-to-close-8-prisons-not-enough-crime] this is one of many links to the story i thought everyone could use a smile after the way this case has turned out enjoy. Peace jim

trizzybob said...

Ms.Nall, thanks for clarifing yourself.. your last article had a ring of revenge to me (not justice), unlike the other articles and times I've heard you speak about the subject on cable news.

is there a streaming link to your interveiw on 105.5 in the "ham.

Loretta Nall said...

I don't have a link to that interview trizzybob. I'll see if it might be archived on the site but I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

but by telling that Alex snitched (which is untrue and dangerous to him to even suggest) and telling his location (which you also don't know) it appears that you are trying to punish him. You've said many untrue things about a boy you don't know. It comes across has hate or vengeful more than as concern about something.

Everyone needs to remember this is just an opinion blog, and Mrs. Nall is not apart of the media. She doesn't have to follow media ethics or journalistic integrity. She just writes down things she has heard through the grapevine or from public records. She speaks like most of this is concrete or facts but that is just not the case.

Loretta Nall said...

anon...I didn't say he snitched. People sure do have a problem with reading comprehension these days.

I posted the police report which says he offered to snitch...right off the bat. If something happens to him because he can't keep his mouth shut then whose fault is that? He got into the drug trade knowing full well the consequences of his actions should he get caught...which he did. He should man up and keep his mouth closed. You want to blame someone for the situation he's in you can start by blaming prohibition and then by blaming him. No one made him drive to Atlanta, purchase huge amounts of drugs and transport them back to Alabama. Also, I haven't posted where he is. His MySpace page says he is in college and also in Ashland. If he doesn't want anyone to know where he is then maybe he shouldn't post his whereabouts on the internet for anyone looking to see.

As for the media...I never claimed to be the media. No one who reads this blog thinks I am the media. However, I do have the ability to drive the media to cover stories like this one as I have demonstrated to you...much to your displeasure. I am the media in the sense that the media would not cover this story so I did. They only picked it up after my almost two year attempt to inform the public about this case.

And all of what I am posting about this case are concrete facts. I have the case file, which contains the facts of the case. Which part would you like to dispute?

I love how Judge Rochester talks about making people take responsibility for their actions but didn't see fit to make his son take responsibility for his actions. And then the peanut gallery comes here and posts comments like this one. Every word you type makes you look more and more like the biggest hypocrite on earth. Good job!

bill said...

two words explain everything DOUBLE STANDARD

bill said...

two words explain everything DOUBLE STANDARD thank you bill