Friday, October 23, 2009

This is NOT a Sex Offender

According to a 22-year-old Air Force Officer from Alabama, who is currently stationed in California, has been arrested and charged as a sex offender for having sex with someone when he was a teenager and his partner was between 12 and 16. Troy King, who is up for reelection, is really pushing the case.

NEWSFLASH: TEENAGERS HAVE SEX!!! They've been having sex since time out of mind. It is natural human behavior.

From :

MONTGOMERY - Attorney General Troy King announced today that an Alabama man stationed at a An Alabama man stationed at a California Air Force Base has been arrested for multiple sex crimes charged in a Morgan County, Alabama, indictment.

Lt. Zachary W. Mullins was arrested yesterday at Vendenberg Air Force Base and is being held at the Santa Barbara Detention Facility in California.

Mullins, 22, is from Hartselle, Alabama. The alleged crimes occurred before Mullins joined the United States Air Force.

Attorney General King’s Family Protection Unit presented evidence to a Morgan County grand jury, resulting in a three-count indictment* of Mullins in July of 2009. Specifically the indictment charges that Mullins:
-being older than 16, engaged in deviate sexual intercourse with a child between 12 and 16, which is second-degree sodomy, a class B felony;
-being older than 16 (and more than two years older than his victim), engaged in sexual intercourse with a child aged between 12 and 16, which is second-degree rape, a class B felony;
-being 19 years or older, subjected a child aged between 12 and 16 to sexual contact, which is second-degree sexual abuse, a class A misdemeanor.

The sex offender laws in Alabama are ridiculous! Teenagers having sex SHOULD NOT be labeled sex offenders. The title of sex offender should be reserved for those who commit rape or molest children. Not for kids who are simply doing what kids do. Sex offender laws are also NOT for homeless men urinating in alley ways in Birmingham or little old MeMaw's with bad bladders peeing in the bushes in Mobile.

This has to stop! How many more lives will Troy King (who is rumored to engage in some interesting sexual practices himself) be allowed to ruin because he is absolutely fixated on anything 'below-the-belt'?

I can't wait to see Troy King go down in flames in the 2010 Republican primary. I only hope that whoever our next AG is will clearly understand what and who the sex offender laws are aimed at. Here's a clue: They are NOT for teenagers, homeless people who need to pee or Memaw's with bad bladders.


Shoalanda Speaks said...,0,2643437.story?track=rss-topicgallery

According to this article, Mullins was 19 and the girl had not had her 16th birthday. Since she is also described as a victim of a female teacher, I'm guessing she has some mental disability also? This could make a difference in the exact nature or the crime.

Recently in the Shoals, a 30-something year old man eloped with a 13 year old; this is what the law is supposedly aimed at, but, again, if the victim is not mentally able to give consent, I can see that Mullins is indeed a predator. It will be interesting to see what evidence the state has.

Anonymous said...

The facts in the case are a joke. Rushed to get a headline for the Attorney General. Someone forgot to check Mullins bday, this "incident" happened in Feb 2006. Mullins was only 18 then. One of the charges are for a 19 year old. They didn't even bother to do basic research.

Loretta Nall said...

Sholanda the girl/boys mental state would certainly come into play I would think. But, I just reread the article that I linked and it does not give the sex of the accuser. Do you know if during the teacher case the accuser's sex was revealed?

Shoalanda Speaks said...

Seems like from what is coming out the female teacher was a big partier, liked girls as well as boys, but basically helped two boys (one must have been close to the victim's age) get the girl drunk and have sex with her. Teach (whom we're still paying) apparently fondled the girl.

We all need to do something about these tenure laws where actual sexual misconduct is involved (or murder, etc.).