Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Baldwin Co. to use stimulus money for drug task force

Montgomery Advertiser

BAY MINETTE -- The Baldwin County Drug Task Force will use $465,705 in economic stimulus funds to help the unit investigate, arrest and prosecute drug offenders.

Baldwin County District Attorney Judy Newcomb said the funds will enable the task force to pay overtime for authorities to work on the effort.

This is the definition of insanity. Take money that was intended to help create jobs and use it to drive the prison population higher so tax payers will be forced to pay for housing more non-violent drug offenders. The only jobs that will be created through this waste of money will be the new openings for drug dealers. Cops don't want to end the drug war. If it ended they would be out of a job!



sixstring said...

Judy Newcombe is the D.A. who decided The Shoops should be prosecuted for trafficking because they had ONE marijuana plant! Bruce Shoop got three years for this. Totally ridiculous! This is the kind of reasoning ( or lack there of) that is rampant in our court system. These people hurt no one and posed no risk to society.

Knight said...

This is crazy...why not implement a program to help people who have a drug/alcohol addiction. Why must they keep on trying to keep these individuals in jail? Alabama received quite a bit of stimulus money, Total on 11-12-2009
@ 1:46am is $2,492,616,545...the strangest part of it all is the fact that our courts are harder on first time offenders, but when it comes to those who are continuously staying in trouble they throw out the laws that should be applied and act as though they don't exist. If they would help these people the first time around instead of sending mixed signals it would surely help the situation. When these judges sit on the bench and allow repeat offenders to go free right in front of a first time offender, what does that leave them to believe? This tells them one thing..."if we continue to act up, they won't send us to jail." The whole system is ASS backwards...Sorry Loretta that just came out.


Knight said...

The ones who pose no risk are the first to go to jail and those who are taking lives, robbing, abusing, etc. will walk...That should tell society where our judges and law enforcement have their heads...right up their ass.