Saturday, December 12, 2009

Scholarship Baby!

Yesterday my son Alex was awarded a full Spirit of Auburn Founders scholarship that is worth almost $30,000. I cried. I am so incredibly proud of that kid for all of his amazing work through school. He has earned it. However, MIT is sniffing around and, if they offer him a scholarship, then he will be going to MIT.


Unknown said...

That is very cool. One of the biggest issues in going to college is paying for it. Scholarships can go a long way towards dealing with that problem. I am taking a class that is teaching me how to go through that process of getting a scholarships and other financial aid. One issue is that you need to get to know the people since those who get the scholarships tend to be people the organization knows and people they like. It can be very hard work to secure a scholarship.

Your son has an advantage of earning a scholarship through the hard work he did in school. It is a bit harder for someone like me who hadn’t been to school for around 20 years. I guess I need to work harder on my networking skills. If he keeps up on his academics and gets involved with and/or starts college clubs, he can go a long way towards impressing future scholarship committees.

ttownfeen said...

Congrats to your son on the Auburn scholarship!

A quick note: MIT does not offer merit scholarships. They do however offer need-based financial aid.

BitterOldPunk said...


That's great news!

But he should have applied to Stanford or Cal Tech. MUCH better weather than MIT. *shiver*

Must be nice to have a full ride to Auburn as your fall-back, huh? :)

Brandon said...

That's great! Congrats