Sunday, January 17, 2010

Euthanize me now!

Kay Ivey campaigns at gun show

My readers know I don't like Kay Ivey because of an incident that happened a few years ago involving my son and her insistence on cramming GAWD down his throat. And, there is virtually NO CHANCE Ivey will win the Republican nomination for Governor of Alabama and go on to win the race. PACT took care of that.

However, since she has put herself out there we might as well take shots at her while we can. I don't disagree with Ivey on the Second Amendment....but her folksy gibberish makes me want to vomit.

From the article...

“I do carry a gun, and I dang sure know how to use it.”

Asked about her official position on gun control, Ivey said there should be no doubts about where she stands on that matter.

“Oh honey, we’ve got to protect the rights of our folks to hold and bear arms and be responsible in doing it,” said Ivey, who showed up in a leather jacket with a colorful National Rifle Association patch on it. “We’ve got to protect ourselves."

Just euthanize me now...I can't take much more of the bullshit known as politics in Alabama.

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Don said...

I beg to disagree. Euthanize Kay Ivey instead of you. Her campaign I was dead from the get-go anyway. If she weren’t already brain dead she would know that. You have a healthy and well-functioning brain and more talent in just one of your memorable campaign “boobs” than Ivey has in her entire universe. :-)