Thursday, January 14, 2010

Into the minds of future Alabama cops

So, this semester I am taking Introduction to Law Enforcement...just for shits and giggles. It is an online course, which allows me to see the answers to questions that my other classmates give. The following is directly from the minds of those who are going into law enforcement as a career.

Here is this weeks question.

What do you think William Parker meant when he referred to the police as a 'Thin Blue Line'?

And here are some of the unbelievable answers given to this question by those who will soon be carrying a gun in public.

I believe that William Parker meant that the good of society should always come before anything else, including individua rights. Other oficer should not mistreat any prisoners since they are innocent until proven guilty. Officers cannot carry ou their own form of judgment. Even if evidence in an investigation was obtained illegally, it should still be submittable to a court in order to get a criminal off the streets.

When William Parker referred to the police as the "Think Blue Line" he basically meant, police are so well trained and disiplined that they would stay on that blue line. They followed a thin line. There wasn't anymore police brutality or anything of that nature.

i belive that mr parker was refering to the fact that law enforement officers have to think like the criminals that they are try to stop while not cross over the boundrys of the law themselfs making them no better than the criminals ,but if any one else has a differnt view i would love to hear it

My favorite word is.........drumroll please........themselfs. Don't you feel so much safer knowing that one day soon one of these illiterate goons could be pointing a gun at you?


sixstring said...

Not surprising, but sad.
You would think they could at least use spell checker....
These answers deserve an "F" for sloppiness and laziness.
They can't even google "thin blue line" ?

sixstring said...

Another thought…. The “thin blue line” concept reinforces the idea, to future cops,that it’s the cops against the rest of us---- we would fall into chaos if the cops didn’t keep us all in line.
Maybe this kind of indoctrination is one reason cops seem to be always looking for who they can arrest rather than who they can help.

Loretta Nall said...

Very good points sixstring. Here was the answer I gave.

William Parker meant that without police society would degenerate into anarchy and Communism, much as Christians believe that only the hand of God holds off demons. I believe they are both wrong. Parker didn't hold individual rights or the Bill of Rights of this magnificent country in very high esteem and thought police should be granted an all powerful status that citizens could not stand against or question. While he did some good things that brought about professionalism in the police force his mentality was a dangerous one that, sadly, still prevails in many police departments to this day.